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Manchester to Phuket flights. If you are looking to book a cheap flight and fly from Manchester Airport in Manchester to Phuket airport in Thailand you’re in the right place. You can read useful travel information for the island of Phuket and find even more low-cost flight deals from Manchester or Phuket by simply reading the below. Count on PHD for the best deals on all of your travel and bargain priced flights from Manchester, the island of Phuket and Asia right here.

Flight Information

Manchester Airport and Manchester Flight Details

Airport Name: Manchester Airport

Airport Code: MAN

Place: Manchester

Phuket island airport (HKT) in Thailand Flight Details

Airport Name: Phuket airport in Thailand

Place: Phuket in Thailand

Airport Code: HKT

Elevation: 25 m

ICAO code: is VTSP.

Location: Phuket island airport (HKT) is located at longitude 98° 18′ 45? and latitude 08° 06′ 38?, 82 feet above sea level and is located 32 km northwest of the city centre, in the north of Phuket in Thailand.
Capacity: When flying from Manchester to Phuket International Airport (HKT) in Thailand the airport has a capacity of handling 24 flight operations per hour, and normally no delays.

Hours of operation: Phuket International Airport in Thailand is open 24 hours a day.

Runway: 09/27, 3,000 metres long and 45 metres wide

Language: Thai

Currency: Baht

Local time: GMT+7

Phuket in Thailand Visa: Read the visa FAQ first but if you are still unsure if you need a visa when flying in from Manchester to Phuket in Thailand see our Phuket island Visa guide

Phuket island Wiki Census: Phuket island in Thailand Provine Stats

Phuket island, Thailand accommodations: If you have not already booked any accommodation on Phuket, Thailand you can find the best Phuket island, Thailand Hotels offering the lowest rates for all sorts of Phuket in Thailand Hotels, Villas, Guesthouses, Hostles and Resorts!

To Book Your Flight: To check flight dates and prices from Manchester to Phuket island airport use the above flight search module. Just add your dates, amount of passengers and click search.

Phuket airport in Thailand arrival Flight Video: If you are interested we also offer a video of a flight arriving to Phuket airport (HKT) in Thailand.

Booking flights from the island of Phuket: If you are a Phuket residence, tourist or expats living on the island of Phuket, and looking to budget priced flights and fly from Phuket island International airport and Phuket island then you can go here to see all the lastest domestic and International low-cost flight deals from Phuket International Airport right now.

Booking flights from Manchester: If your looking to book a low-priced flight from Manchester to anywhere then please take a look at our Manchester departure flight bargins below.

FAQ And Tips

Phuket International Airport in Thailand Flight Tips and FAQ

Tips on how to book cheap Flights from Manchester to Phuket island airport (HKT) and what to do, and not to do, while you are on Phuket, Thailand

What Coronavirus flight restictions are in place on flights from Manchester to Phuket, Thailand?

As of January 2021 all flights from Manchester to Phuket island in Thailand operate a reduced flight schedule at least until March 2021, or even later in the year. Also the Thai government Covid-19 lockdown measures are still in place so either check your flight company, travel agent or the Thai Embassy website from clear information about flying from Manchester to Phuket International Airport (HKT). Also see our news BLOG for new updates

Can I pay for my flight from Manchester to Phuket island in a differant currency on your flights booking system?

When booking your flight from Manchester to Phuket, Thailand on our flights page the prices are in EURO (€) or $. To change the currency simply add your details in the flight search modual and click search. Then once you are on our Manchester to Phuket International Airport (HKT) our flight listing page you can change the currency by using the top-right scroll-down menu. You can use the same system for changing the language.

What is the best days to fly from Manchester to Phuket?

Try and book your flight from Manchester to Phuket island in Thailand on a week day. You'll find bargain priced flight deals from Manchester to Phuket International Airport (HKT) in Thailand on weekdays, and therefore avoid weekend flight surcharges.

Are flight prices higher on Phuket island in Thailand national holidays?

Bottom line is 'Yes'. This goes for national holidays in Manchester also. Try avoid flying from Manchester in heavy traffic holidays by travelling from / to Phuket island in Thailand before or after any major holidays.

What is the cheapest time to fly from Manchester to Phuket island, Thailand?

Try and book your flight from Manchester to Phuket island in Thailand at least 3 months in advance to find the cheapest flight deals. Saying this, check out our deals from Phuket island, Thailand.

When I arrive from Manchester is there WIFI Internet inside Phuket HKT airport?

Yes. You can get free Wi-Fi inside Phuket International Airport in Thailand. When you touch down from Manchester and enter Phuket island International airport you can try connecting to the airports access point. Simply log-in to the airport website, which pops up on your mobile / tablet browser once you arrive. As far as I know, or remember, there is also walled computers to use in the departure area also.

Is there a smoking lounge at Phuket International Airport?

Bottom line is yes. If your arriving from Manchester or leaving to go to Phuket island International airport simply go to the departure lounge, after immigration, and its by a small coffee shop. Be warned. The smoking room is very small and even before you lite up it feels like you have already had 5 cigs 🙂 VAPERS BE AWARE! Vaping (E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems) is still banded in Thailand 'so say' due to health issues, but in reality due to tax reasons. 'On the spot' fines, or threats of jail time by local Thai police, and by tourist police, can be en-forced. IF you do bring you vape to Phuket island do NOT put it in your hand luggage, and ONLY vape in private. If you do vape outside and then get stopped, and fined, ask for a police report. That should be fun? Bottom line is to 'just buy cigarettes' while on Phuket island, and leave your vape at home. Saves on the headaces.

What to do if I arrive from Manchester to Phuket in Thailand on a tourist visa but want to stay longer?

On arrival from Manchester you will get a 30 day tourist visa. If you arrive from Manchester but want to stay longer Phuket island in Thailand you will need to extend your visa by either doing a one day visa trip over-land to Ranong (The border with Burma) where you will get a 15 day visa extension. If you want a 3 month visa you can either go on a 2 day trip to the Thai Embassy on Penang in Malaysia, but it's a bit of a treck being 12 hours sat in a mini bus. Alternativly, and suggested, you can buy return cut-priced flights from Phuket island in Thailand to KL, Malaysia and spend a few days looking around doing the tourist thing while getting a 3 month visa at the Thai Embassy. A few things to note: A) Make sure you fly on a Monday or latest Tuesday so you get to the Thai Embassy no later than Wednesdday early morning. The reason is it takes 24 hours between applying and then getting your passport back. If you apply too late in the week you may have to stay the weekend also due to the Embassy closes the weekends. B) Make sure you have passport sized photos with you.

Once I arrive from Manchester where is the luggage pick-up point at Phuket island International airport in Thailand?

Once you arrive from Manchester, and depart the plane at Phuket HKT airport you simply need to walk to the International terminal do the immigration (Visa waiver, and passport stamping etc) and then walk into arrivals to pick up your checked-in luggage. That's basically it. If in dought follow the crowd, or ask one of the many Thai staff. Very easy.

When I arrive from Manchester to Phuket airport where can I buy a local mobile SIM call or Internet data card?

Yes. Once you arrive from Manchester, have gone through customs and picked up your luggage at Phuket island airport there's a SIM card stall or shop right there as your walking out. Choose your plan ( DTAC, TRUE & AIS ), give them your phone & passport and they set it all up for you. SIM costs are around 299 baht for 8 days and 599 baht 15 days. Alternativly ask your airport taxi driver to stop at a 7/11 mini market to buy your SIM or topup your credit. They are open 24 hours. Do some SIM card research before your fly from Manchester, and remember you will need a unlocked phone or dongle for the SIM to work.

Can someone from Manchester buy property on Phuket in Thailand?

The short answer is yes. Generally, the key requirements for someone from Manchester buying property or Real Estate on Phuket island are the following: A) A deposit of 10% to 20% of total price to be paid on the 'Promise of Sale' (before signing the final contract). B) A foreign buyer has two options: either a 30-year leasehold or purchasing the property through a limited company. Phuket island, Thailand Apartments and Villas can be purchased by foreigners as long as at least 51% of the building is owned by Thais. C) Stamp duty is normally 0.50% of the total price. D) Registration fee between 2% and 2.5% of total Phuket island in Thailand property price plus agent fee. It is also important to know that if you are a non-Thai citizen, you may be subject to specific regulations and in certain instances be required to hold a specific permit enabling you to acquire Phuket island, Thailand property. This does not apply to properties situated within special designated areas, such as developments on Phuket island. If you fit into the above them you should be able to buy. We offer complimentary pickup to our 'Phuket, Thailand Property and travel office, and free concultation, so drop us an email before or after you arrive from Manchester

BIG question! How much is a print of beer or larger in around Phuket island in Thailand?

The beer or larger prices around Phuket island in Thailand is: Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) is around 70 / 90.00฿ while Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) will be around 100.00 ฿. Nightclubs, and higher end venues can be a lot more and supermarkets / mini markets will be a bit cheaper. Check out the 'Happy Hour' signs as you walk or drive by. Most bars will have them. I have known people on Phuket island who only track these events and save a load of money. Everyone to his/her/their own right 🙂

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ManchesterLeipzig/Halle10 December 2021215 Tickets from 215
ManchesterCork23 December 2021218 Tickets from 218
ManchesterMoscow1 November 2021221 Tickets from 221

About Phuket

When flying from Manchester to Phuket island its good to know that more than 16 million passengers per year fly via Phuket International Airport, most flying in to enjoy a wide range of tourist services, natural beauty of the world famous Phuket beaches and fascinating tourist attractions.

If you live around Manchester, and have not been to Asia or Phuket before, you are likely thinking about Phuket island’s fabulous beaches, sunsets and parties on the infamous Bangla Road in Patong. You might think you have Phuket island, Thailand all figured out, but as it turns out, the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’ has more than a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. Most visitors don’t even see the real Phuket while others buy Phuket, Thailand Villas and make Phuket their home. Either way. Make sure you make the most of it by getting off the beaten track on Phuket in Thailand is going to involve hiring your own personal driver or transportation (motorbike or jeep) for the day, or week, then driving, and hiking, over some off-road tracks. Obviously there’s a bit of effort involved and, more than likely, a fair amount of perspiration. But the reward when you get there is often the best uncrowded viewpoints, villages and beaches on the island of Phuket.

Architecture and Cafes

It might seem inconceivable, but after flying in from Manchester Airport, and spending a few days laying on the beach on Phuket, Thailand, you might start craving for a change of scenery. A day trip into Old Phuket Town offers a nice break from the beach shacks on the coast. The Old Town offers an inspiring blend of Sino-Portuguese and Chinese influences and today, the walls are also a canvas for funky street art. What many people don’t realise is that the Old Town is not just a historic relic but a living and breathing community of creatives and coffee or wine lovers. If your travelling around Phuket, or you are stying on the North West coast then also check out the Bangtao Beach Restaurant.

Phuket Activities

Phuket Activities, Waterfalls and Rainforest Retreats

When you first arrive to Phuket island, Thailand from Manchester you will probably associate your first days with postcard ready beaches and sunsets. If, however, you take the time to venture a bit inland, you’ll discover Phuket’s lush jungles, small villages and waterfalls. A trek through the jungles followed by a natural waterfall shower is as close to tropical bliss you can get.

One of the most beautiful places to visit on Phuket, Thailand is the Sirinat National Park located on the north coast. There are also over 100 alternative Phuket activities and tours from taking a magical Phuket tour with your own private local guide to ‘do it yourself’ activities such as: elephant sanctuaries, Phuket Aquarium, Botanic Garden, Tiger Kingdom, ‘Soi Dog’ or the ‘Gibbon rehabilitation project’ while on the island. Browse the island of Phuket in Thailand activities ‘suggestions’ – each can be customized just for you to design your own tour.

Foodie Heaven

One thing’s for sure when you arrive from Manchester – you won’t go hungry! Whether you’re looking to sample the spicy local cuisine or want to indulge in some fine dining, Phuket’s diverse food scene has more than got you covered.

Two Thai snacks to try on the island of Phuket is either: Kaeng het ( แกงเห็ด ) or Kaeng yot maphrao on sai kai ( แกงยอดมะพร้าวอ่อนใส่ไก่ )

Also try the street food, food stalls and local Phuket market food. The fried chicken, served with sticky rice, or local sate is a winner for a quick snack.

Phuket Spirituality

As is true for the whole of Thailand, spirituality and the Buddhist faith are an integral part of life in Phuket island, Thailand. While visiting from Manchester visit at least one temple. It will give you a deeper understanding of this island which is so often characterised only by its tourist hot spots. The most iconic religious landmark on the island is the Big Buddha, which commands a striking presence in Karon. Another popular place to visit is Wat Chalong, a large temple located in Chalong on Phuket island.

If you’re looking to discover Phuket, Thailand off the beaten path you might also want to visit ‘The Shrine of the Serene Light’ in Phuket Town. This Chinese temple offers a colourful break from the Thai wats. The shrine used to be a real hidden gem, as the entrance was carefully hidden off in a tiny alley. Now you can easily find the temple thanks to its new striking entrance, but relatively few tourists still make their way here.


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