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Welcome to Hotel Deals Phuket, Surin beach real estate and properties for sale. Your source for all flats / apartments, villas and property for sale around Surin beach in the north west coast of Phuket.

Whether you’re looking to buy a Surin beach villa for sale or lease a a beach-front property, we have a wide variety of Phuket and Surin beach Villas, apartments / flats and other properties for sale and for lease, such as Hotels, Guesthouses and houses to suit your needs. We also pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the Phuket real estate market and our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Our Phuket & Surin Property Sourcing Services

We off a unique service where we can find properties by owners or via the management team or owners of the Villa or Apartment / Condominium complex, and by doing this we can offer you the very same property that any agency is advertising at a reduced price due to there’s no massive commissions to pay out. We also use the same process if customers are interested in finding and purchasing a business like a Hotel, Guesthouse etc.

La QingTing Apartments & Flats For Sale In Surin, Cherngtalay & Bangtao

At the moment in 2024 we have a speacial offer on a few studio, one bed and 2 bedroom apartments / flats for freehold / leasehold sale and resale in the Bangtao, Sunrin and Cherngtalay area of Phuket island.

La QingTing Apartments / Flasts for sale in Cherngtalay, Bangtao, Surin Phuket La QingTing Property Sales: We offer offer secure Apartments / Flats close to Laguna, Cherngtalay, Surin beach & Bangtao beach, and all within a 5 minute walk to many shops, banks / ATM, pharmacies, mini-markets, restaurants and cafés. Room amenities will include: Mini kitchen (With microwave, sink, large fridge, hob etc), shower / toilet room and living space. Some units have Wifi, flat screen TV and balcony. Complex facilities include: Parking, reception, lift, CCTV security and swimming pool. Some Condominiums also have a gym also

These Apartments / Flats are all sold between 1.8 million THB (Av: £40,300 – €47,000 – $51,400) and 3.5 million THB (Av: £78,400 – €91,000 – $99,900) for a two bedroom unit, and all are a great secure investment for anyone who wishes to rent out or retire and live in the Bangtao, Surin or Cherngtalay area on the North West coast of Phuket island. Also, all visa, banking and lawyer consultation and advise is provided once you are here to make your purchase and piece of mind as quick and safe as possible.

Phuket Real Estate Price List For 2023

Below you can search hundreds of property for sale on Phuket Island in 2023. You can search by location, type of property and the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and price. This example real estate listing simply shows you what your money will buy you in 2023 and 2024.

To narrow down your search just click on the dropdown, deselect what you do not want to search, add your search term, and then it will automatically adjust. Example: If you want to see just 1 bedrooms, deselect all except ‘beds’ and type in the search box ‘1’. If you are looking for a property deal for around 2 million THB then just deselect all except ‘Price’, copy the ‘฿ 2’ from the price list and then paste it into the search box. Works for ‘฿ 3’, ‘฿ 8’, ‘฿ 20’ and so forth. Alternatively, use the arrows next to each column to sort.

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Contact Hotel Deals Phuket Property

We offer 3 ways to search and contact us.

A) If you are interested in buying a property for sale in Surin beach or Phuket, and wish to have the best selling prices, please feel free to email us using the form below. All you have to do is send us an email outlining what you are searching for as, in location, type of property (Apartment, Villa etc), your basic budget and what your ‘must haves’ (privacy, balcony, disabled access and facilities, views, amount of bedroom, Kitchen, pool, minutes from beach etc) and dislikes (Not near noisy road, over-looked etc), and we will try and find the property and secure you the best purchasing price.

B) If you have already found a Surin beach or Phuket property, business (Hotels, Guesthouse etc) or land for sale on another website just add the web link / page URL in the box below and we will save you thousands of ฿ from the advertised price.

C) If you are interest in purchasing one of our own La QingTing Apartments / Flats in the Bangtao, Cherngtalay or Surin beach area for a grete price then simply message us using the form below, Alternatively, simply pop into the Bangtao Beach Bar & Café when you are in Phuket for a chat.

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