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Securely find the true freedom of retirement when retiring on Phuket

Want To Retire, Or Buy Cheap Property On Phuket?

Buy secure and FREEHOLD (In your name) property for under: 1,600,000THB (Average currency exchange of: £35,534 | 42,251 EUR | 62,515 AUD | $46,189 | 64,896 SGD | 317,839 CNY | 200,100 MYR )

  When you are going to retire to Phuket and looking to buy a property then we suggest that you look at the North West coast aroundRetire On Phuket the Kamala, Surin beach, Laguna / Bangtao or Layan beach areas where you will meet more like-minded people, be near a beach, is relatively unspoiled and easier to ride your bike (As most expats do) / drive your car to get from A to B quickly, unlike Southern Phuket where it is congested and hard to drive anywhere. Bottom line. A small basic studio/one bedroom apartment / flat, which is FREEHOLD and in your name will cost you from around 1.7 million THB ( Which is under £40,000GBP, $50,000 or 46,000,000 EURO ), and this is around the cheapest you will find. As far as investments go you could find investments on Phuket that are yielding you circa 6 percent or more. 6 percent yield on 1.5 million is 90,000 pa. Or 7500 per month. Foreigners can also ONLY buy/own Condo’s/Apartments outright in their name, which is FREEHOLD, and to us the best secure option you can take. Saying this you can purchase a house, Condo or Villa but this will 100% be leasehold.

Once you have retired to Phuket those who are in receipt of a pension will find that they can have this paid to them in Thailand directly into their Thai bank account or you can choose to have this paid into your home Counties bank account. Tax is automatically deducted from the pension payments unless you are registered as a tax payer in Thailand. Thailand is on the list of countries where payments are made direct and paid in local currency. Some will still find it easier to have payments to your home Countries account before transferring cash to a Thai account or to withdraw cash from your home Counties account using an ATM. The savings or cost of each depends on frequency of transfers and withdrawals and individual needs. ** For example the UK does not have a reciprocal agreement with Thailand on pensions so your State pension will be frozen at its initial level and not up-dated each year, as UK pensions are, for as long as you live there. ** (UK Residence) Claiming to be in the UK so getting your pension increased over the years in line with UK inflation versus claiming to be in the UK and having the pension amount frozen for the rest of your life. If you’re resident in Thailand that would be fraud

The Thai retirement visa for foreign nationals is issued to applicants who wish to visit and retire in the Kingdom of Thailand. The best thing is that the age for any foreign national wishing to retire on Phuket is ’50’. Saying this, if you are just wanting to buy a cheap freehold property and just live here full time or part of the year without getting a retirement visa, even though you are retired, the other visa option is to just get a Tourist visa where it allows you to stay on Phuket for 3 months and then just do a visa trip when the visa is about to end to any city outside of Thailand that has a Thai Embassy to renew your visa. Many expats take this option and fly off to places like Kuala Lumpur (Closest, cheapest and best place), Singapore, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Yangon in Burma or even take a organized mini-bus over-land to Penang in Malaysia. There are many, many destination options. It’s entirely up to you. If your thinking of retiring to Phuket, or going to retire & looking at legal retirement visas for retirees to live, buy property etc, then your in the best place. For full details concerning on retirement visas please visit our Phuket retirement visa page.

Thailand has some of the best medical services in the world. All doctors and nurses are very well trained, Thailand’s government runRetire Phuket hospitals have some of the best services around, health tourism is really becoming a big business, and most hospital procedures can be performed at a fraction of the price when you compare it to the United States or the UK etc. Many foreigners when on holiday in Phuket also like to have their teeth, health check-ups and numerous health related checkups done as the prices are not very high and the quality of workmanship is very good. Phuket has a number of dental clinics where the level of English is good. There are also a number of hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital which is a private hospital chain in Thailand. There is also Phuket International and their costs vary for an overnight stay as it costs between 700 and 5000 baht per day. The healthcare overall is excellent on Phuket with main choices and options for everyone.

It simply makes sense that if you are thinking to moving aboard, and you are considering to make Phuket your next home, or second home, then with the ever increasing higher costs of living in the UK, Europe and around the world moving to Phuket would actually put money back in your pocket, but along with this it gives you the piece of mind that your pension, your health, visas and all legalities that come with living in Thailand are taken care of and secure. The bottom line is that to set up home on Phuket the one off costs would be:

  • Your retirement visa costs: To prove that you have 800.000THB in your bank a/c and the fee to set all this up. (Optional)
  • Purchasing an investment home from: 1.500.000THB.

Obviously the flight over and living costs all come into it but the bottom line is if you want to do it all legally and have with it a freehold investment home legally in your name, which you can sell at any time, then in our view this is the most secure way to go. Our Package Included:

  • Organize your accommodation before you arrive (Optional).
  • Airport meet and greet (Optional)
  • A complimentary driver and property escort service to view all available properties.
  • All legal and property ownership title help
  • Retirement visa consultation, advise and implementation (Optional)
  • Help you open your Thai banking account for pension transfers (Optional)
  • Organize your transportation (Bike or car), mobile SIM card and basically introduce you to your new home. (Optional)
  • Apart from the above we also pledge to donate a % of any property sale to our partner charities, orphanages or animal sanctuaries on Phuket.

NOTE: For full details, and a complimentary property tour please send us an email using the form below  

  • High quality medical & health care 100% 100%
  • Retirment Visa 100% 100%
  • Getting your Pension 100% 100%
  • Lower cost of Living = more £ 100% 100%
  • Sun, sand and beach 100% 100%
  • New Improved Lifestyle 🙂 100% 100%

Our Phuket Apartment Picks For Retirees

Below are a few suggested examples of Phuket properties that offer people wishing to retire on Phuket the best and most secure buying options. These are only the cheapest options available so you can see what you get for your money, but we suggest you contact us first using the form below, and then visit Phuket and let us escort you to see all property options, show you around the area, introduce you to like minded expats and business owners, and let us explain how easy it is to retire here.

We offer all guests a free and complimentary retirement and property viewing service so If your not already on Phuket all you have to do is check out the flights to Phuket, decide on the flight dates that you wish to visit and then simply fill in the form below and contact us. If your already here simple fill in the form below. That’s it! Your then one your way to securing your new home…

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