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We search and locate any Phuket Villas for sale in the location, by quality and within your budget.

Private Viewing Service

Once we find the land we offer you a complimentary Phuket Villa tour to view all Phuket Villas available in your niche.

Land Legal Advise

Then if you purchase any Villa we also offer help and advise with any Thai legal and title transfers to make your mind at ease.

Green Technologies

Then if you wish to build or alter the Villa we can help with things like: the construction, roof integrated solar PV panels and battery storage, low energy LED lighting and monsoon rainwater harvesting to name a few of the tequnics used for any Eco friendly Villa purchase on Phuket.

Orphanage & Sanctuary Donation

When any of out guests purchase we also donate a percentage to our partner Orphanages, charities and animal sanctuaries. It’s not all about the money!


Concierge Service

We will also be your personal concierge from the first email, to meeting you at the airport, and long after you have purchased.

Best Pick Phuket Villas For Sale Today

Below you can see 3 Villas selling right now on Phuket. We also offer Villa investments available right now around Bangtao, Laguna, Surin, Kamala, Layan, Cherngtalay, and a few other areas of Phuket. We do not show all Villa deals below, or on this website, so to find more simply contact us using the email form below and let us show you.

Phuket Eco Land Tours

Phuket Villa For Sale Tours

Our complimentary Phuket Villa tours allow guests to view all Phuket Villas Land deals for sale or lease by car, plane or helicopter, and get up to date legal consultation, buying tips & advise throughout the tour. Our tour offers a no obligation guarantee, and is complimentary to guests who wish to live, retire or buy a Villa property on Phuket, or near-by islands.

Our VIP Villa Tours Includes: From a prompt email reply and follow up (Before or after you have arrived on Phuket), finding the Phuket Villa property by niche, quality and location that you are seeking, escorting you around to view all Phuket Villa options, securing you the BEST sales price (Guaranteed) and also helping you to take care of all the legal, Thai law and Government paper-work upon any Villa purchase, which will save you a lot of time and money. See full tour details below.

Tour includes:

* Complimentary meet and greet at your accommodation on Phuket (Optional)
* Complimentary escorted to view all Villas or other properties we have, or found within your niche and brief, while letting us explain how easy it is to buy Phuket Villas on Phuket.
* Help with all Villa legal matters, title transfers and full backing through any purchase.
* Show you around the area that you are intended to purchase, and introduce you to like minded expats and business owners.
* Assist with any Villa inspections, renovating or alterations you may wish to do. (Optional)
* Upon any Villa purchase we will donate to local Phuket Charities, Orphanages and animal sanctuaries.

* EcoVilla Tour cost: Free

* To Book: If you are already on Phuket, or coming soon, and wish to book simply fill in the form below to start the process. Thank you.

Please note: Phuket Villas tours by plane or Helicopter is an extra cost. Please request this option.

Buying Guide

Phuket Land Buyng Guide


Phuket Villa purchasing:

Leasehold: In general, buying a Villa on Phuket is straight-forward, and you should expect to be offerd of a 30-year lease on any villa, which is the maximum duration for any leasehold in Thailand. The government introduced this restriction to control direct foreign ownership but there are rarely issues in extending the lease for a subsequent 30-years once the initial period is up, but a lot better to discuss it when you 1st purchase. Equally, if you wish to sell the property during this time, then that process should be just as simple.

Freehold: If you require full ownership of the property, as well as the land on which it stands, you will have to explore setting up a Thai-registered company. 

For full details on purchasing any type of Phuket land or property please visit our Phuket Property Buyng Guide

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Property Offers

Other Phuket Property Offers

If you are thinking of buying Phuket land for a home or business, to retire, as an investment, to lease long term, or to even use as a second home we suggest you check out our property example offers below. All visa help, be it tourist, retirement or business, and legal assistance is included in our service!

1 bedroom Villas for sale Ao Po2 bedroom Apartments for sale Bangtao3 bedroom Condos for sale Patong4 bedroom Villas for sale Cape Panwa5 bedroom Villas for sale Cherng-talay

Ask Us To Find

We offer you our very own Bangtao, laguna, Surin, Kamala, Layan, Cherngtalay, and all Phuket Villa or property sourcing system where you simply tell us what location of Phuket, what quality of the property or land you wish, and if you want a freehold or leasehold land or property and then we will find that property, answer any questions you may have. Once you arrive to Phuket we will pick up up for where you are staying, escort you around to view all land or property we have found, and lastly secure you the BEST price (Guaranteed).

If you are thinking to buy or lease a property on Phuket, be it a Villa, Apartment, house or land, adding your max budget, contract type and location area is very important for our search. If you are thinking of leasing, or buying land, then the same applies but please also keep in mind that to lease the owners will normally ask for a refunable deposit, X amount of months rent up-front and also key money upon purchase so once again your max budget is key. Please simply fill in the below form at the bottom of this page and submit.

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