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PHD only promotes an elite selection of exclusively priced Nai Yang property and real estate for sale on Phuket. Properties such as: Nai Yang Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouse, Villas and Condominium / development projects selling Nai Yang Apartments for sale.

If you are thinking of purchasing property, any real estate or a business investment in Nai Yang, Phuket, be it for a second home, holiday home, as a retirement home or to set up a Hotel type business, then we offer you our Nai Yang beach property concierge service, where we will take care of all angles of any purchase you make.

We simply offer you from a: Prompt email reply, souring and finding your Nai Yang property / investment and getting you the best Nai Yang property deals before you arrive too escorting you around to view all property options, while also taking care of all the legal and Government paper-work upon any purchase, which will also save you a lot of stress, time and money.

Abou't Nai Yang

Nai Yang (หาดในยาง Hat Nai Yang) is a quiet beaches in northern Phuket. The atmosphere is generally laid back and quiet. Basically Nai Yang is a chill-on-the-beach sort of place. It seems that the most popular thing to do is to have a massage or a few drinks. There are waves on one side of lagoon and flat water with reef break on other side.

Sirinat National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติสิรินาถ) covers an area of 90 square kilometers, stretching all the way to the island’s northern tip. The park headquarters are located on Nai Yang, which is blessed with shady pine trees providing excellent opportunity for swimming and relaxation. Off-shore is a large coral reef which serves as habitat for several species of sea life, particularly the sea turtles.

Local Info

Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand is located at 8.0062100 (latitude in decimal degrees), 98.2990200 (longitude in decimal degrees).

Alternate Names: Nai Yang, Nai Yang beach
Timezone: The time zone id for Nai Yang Beach, Thailand is Asia/Bangkok.
Currency: Currency in Nai Yang, Thailand is THB (Baht)

Available Properties In Nai Yang

Below you will find a selection of Nai Yang properties and Nai Yang beach Apartments for sale on Phuket. This is just our ‘Top Pick’ suggestions. For a full Nai Yang property for sale listing please search using the ‘Search For Properties’ tab. Alternatively, for better communication and up to date property selection, please feel free to send us a email using the “Ask Us To Find” tab.


Beds 1 Baths 1 Plot Size 31 m²
Beds 1 Baths 1 Plot Size 41 m²
Plot Size 33 - 72 Sqm m²
Beds 2 Baths 2 Plot Size 370 Sqm. m²
Beds 1 Baths 1 Plot Size 39 m²
Beds 2 Baths 2 Plot Size 73 m²

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If you are searching for a certain Nai Yang property for sale or business investment around the Nai Yang beach area of Phuket and want us to search around for you, please feel free to fill in the form, adding full in-depth details of your requirements in the comments part, and submit it to us.

Our Nai Yang Property Concierge Service Includes: We offer you a full Phuket concierge service, from a prompt email reply and follow up, finding the Nai Yang property for sale or investment that you are seeking and securing you the BEST prices (Guaranteed) to escorting you around to view all property options, while also taking care of all the legal, Thai law and Government paper-work upon any purchase, which will save you a lot of time and money.


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