Eco Friendly Villas for sale in Cherngtalay

The No1 Eco Villas for sale around the Cherngtalay / Bangtao beach area of Phuket


Year built: 2021 / 2022 (Off-plan)

Floors: 2

Location: Cherngtalay / Bangtao

Type: Villas / House

Best Price Guarantee: 100%

Total Units: 51

Solar Lighting


Ownership: Freehold

Want To Live, Retire, Or Buy A Quality Eco Villa On Phuket?

Buy secure & FREEHOLD (In your name) Eco Villa starting from: 16,820,000THB (Average currency exchange: £365,877 | 433,972 EUR | 678,966 AUD | $503,310 | 678,660 SGD | 3,240,000 CNY )

These luxury Villas for sale in Cherngtalay, Bangtao offer a combination of renewable energy in a tranquil mountainous backdrops setting in the most sort-after residential area of Phuket.

Each Villa is a state of the art energy efficient home with uniquely designs to maximize energy saving and minimize our carbon footprint.

These Eco-frendly Villa are not just another development in this prestigious area of Phuket island, it is a future home with purpose, and we believe offers a environmentally conscious lifestyle.

These unique Eco-friendly Villas are packed with the latest technologies that make them standout in the market. Our homes are like no other, we do not only build a house, but also build a power plant. Every pool villa in the development comes with a solar panels on the roof top, which will be a main source of energy use in the villa. Not only the functional design, but also our vision on using renewable energy from solar panels which will enable us to provide energy from absolutely no cost to very small bill to supply energy to your home.

Each Villa offers great spaces to entertain friends and family. Voluminous green space and garden with large planter box even on the second floor sundeck, where you will feel a part of nature wherever you go.

Our Villas give you a total privacy. The common area are full of green space and small creeks with charming steel bridges leading to the villas in the project. These help absorb heat for the whole development, and giving serene scenery at the same time.

The most environmental friendly and sustainable development in the country, and at the same time offer perfect combination between technologies and design for a community.

Each Villa comes with integrated solar panel systems that are all connected between each other called a smart grid, which means the solar energy is shared and transferred between houses to maximize efficiency. This will be a brand new electrical system never before used in Thailand for residential purposes.

Other features such as central heat pumps for hot water and gas usage for hobs and stoves. A unique dehumidifier system is installed in each villas to keep all wardrobes, closets, bedrooms free of fungus and smells if the villas are left unused for extended periods of time, without the need of running air conditioning systems or forced ventilation. We believe we are the first developer to include this in our villas.

The Villa development is built around a natural slow flowing river which adds to the common areas beauty. Also every villa comes with its own family lifetime membership at the nearby newly opened Blue Tree water park.

The Thai retirement visa for foreign nationals is issued to applicants who wish to visit and retire in the Kingdom of Thailand. The best thing is that the age for any foreign national wishing to retire on Phuket is ’50’.

Saying this, if you are just wanting to buy a quality freehold apartment and just live here full time or part of the year without getting a retirement visa, even though you are retired, the other visa option is to just get a multipal entry tourist visa where it allows you to stay on Phuket for 3 months, and then just do a 3 or 4 day visa trip when the visa is about to end to any city outside of Thailand that has a Thai Embassy to renew your visa.

Many expats take this option and fly off to places like Kuala Lumpur (Closest, cheapest and best place), Singapore, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Yangon in Burma, or even take a organized mini-bus over-land to Penang in Malaysia. There are many, many destination options, and gives you a trip away.

It’s entirely up to you. If you want to know more about tourist / business visa, or if your thinking of retiring to Phuket, or going to retire & looking at legal retirement visas for retirees to live, buy property etc, then your in the best place. For full details concerning all visa type please visit our Thai visas for property ownership page.

Villa location on Phuket

The Villa complex is located in Cherngtalay / Bang Tao, and just a five-minute drive from one of the elite areas of Phuket – Laguna beach. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay, supermarkets, shopping centers, local markets, restaurants where a variety of cuisines are presented, and the international airport is only 20 minutes away.

These villas in Phuket are perfect for permanent residence. If you do not plan to permanently stay on the island, the developer can take your villa into management and rent it out. You can also rent your villa on your own or not at all. It’s all up to you.

Healthcare on Phuket

Phuket has some of the best medical services in the world. All doctors and nurses are very well trained, Thailand’s government runRetire Phuket hospitals have some of the best services around, health tourism is really becoming a big business, and most hospital procedures can be performed at a fraction of the price when you compare it to the United States or the UK etc. Many foreigners when on holiday in Phuket also like to have their teeth, health check-ups and numerous health related checkups done as the prices are not very high and the quality of workmanship is very good. Phuket has a number of dental clinics where the level of English is good. There are also a number of hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital which is a private hospital chain in Thailand. There is also Phuket International and their costs vary for an overnight stay as it costs between 700 and 5000 baht per day. The healthcare overall is excellent on Phuket with main choices and options for everyone.

Getting your pention

Once you have retired to Phuket those who are in receipt of a pension will find that they can have this paid to them in Thailand directly into their Thai bank account or you can choose to have this paid into your home Counties bank account. Tax is automatically deducted from the pension payments unless you are registered as a tax payer in Thailand. Thailand is on the list of countries where payments are made direct and paid in local currency. Some will still find it easier to have payments to your home Countries account before transferring cash to a Thai account or to withdraw cash from your home Counties account using an ATM. The savings or cost of each depends on frequency of transfers and withdrawals and individual needs. ** For example the UK does not have a reciprocal agreement with Thailand on pensions so your State pension will be frozen at its initial level and not up-dated each year, as UK pensions are, for as long as you live there.

If you want to live on Phuket, and buy a Freehold Villa for your your home, or second home, or investment, It simply makes sense that with the ever increasing higher costs of living in the UK, Europe and around the world moving to Phuket and buying one of our Villas would actually put money back in your pocket, but along with this it gives you the piece of mind that you have an investment, plus your pension, your health, visas and all legalities that come with living in Thailand are taken care of, and secure.

The bottom line is that to set up home on Phuket the one off costs would be:

  • Your tourist, business or retirement visa costs
  • Purchasing an investment Villa from a minimum of ฿16,820,000 (2 bedroom) and up.

Obviously the flight over and living costs all come into it but the bottom line is if you want to have a secure freehold investment Villa in your name, which you can sell at any time, then in our view this Villa deal is the most secure, and Eco-friendly way to go.

These villas in Cherngtalay, Bangtao are perfect for permanent residence, but i If you do not plan to permanently stay on the island, the developer can take your villa into management and rent it out. You can also rent your villa on your own or not at all. It’s all up to you.

  • Green and Eco-friendly development 100% 100%
  • Lower cost of Living = more ฿ 100% 100%
  • Does Phuket have high quality medical & health care 100% 100%
  • Can I get your pension if living on Phuket 100% 100%
  • Sun, sand and beach 100% 100%
  • New Improved Lifestyle 🙂 100% 100%
Villa Complex facilities include:

  • Freehold
  • Distance To Beach: 3 km
  • 24 hours security system and CCTV.
  • Private swimming pool.
  • Security/Gated Estate
  • Roof Solar panels
  • Parking
  • Rental management
  • Eco-friendly concept throughout.

Example Villa Prices (Limited: 17 Villas left)

  • 2 bed (228sqm): ฿16,820,000
  • 3 bed (361 sqm): ฿20,930,000

    Green Technologies

    This Villa development in Cherngtalay uses green and Eco-friendly building technology, and offers Eco-conscious interior home design. From cooling down the building by surrounding them with plants and trees, reducing the carbon footprint, to using Solar panels on the roof to supply the energy for the Villa and some of the common areas.

    Orphanage & Sanctuary Donation

    Phuket wildlife and animal sanctuaries are dotted around the island caring for a variety of different species of animals, who may be endangered, poached or displaced from their natural environment due to deforestation or marine pollution. If you buy with us we will donate to local Eco organisations and Children Orphanages with every Villa sold.

    Best Price Guarantee

    We do not just donate to childrens orphanages and wildlife sanctuaries on Phuket when you buy a Villa through us, we offer a ‘Best Price Guarantee’, and will 100% save you ฿ on any purchase. The larger the unit, the more ฿ you’ll save! Drop us an email, register now and see.

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