I'm Coming Home For Christmas

The I’m Coming Home For Christmas song recorded in a Phuket recording studio

Tsunami Day Song In 2016 Mark Hopkins is studio recording another one of his songs to aid the set up of a music workshop and studio for only the children of the Phuket based charities on Phuket, Thailand. Now 2019 studio recording song ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas‘ by ‘Mark Hopkins’ has been released.

If you do not know already Mark recorded the ‘Tsunami Day‘ song for the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Tsunami. So say probably a mistake commercially, Mark decided to sing the lead vocals himself, only because he felt that it was his story and did not feel right with someone else singing it. That was then, but since the recording Mark has always wanted to re-mix the ‘Tsunami Day’ song by simply adding semi acoustic 12 string guitars and replacing his vocals with a females. If you know the song BETH by KISS (Live accustic version) you will know what Mark means. 2019 now so hopefully this year?

After ‘Tsunami Day’ Mark recorded another song on Phuket named ‘21st Century Girl‘. ‘I’m coming home for Christmas’ was written, composed and then studio recorded on Phukek by Mark using session musicians and a female session vocalist named ‘Micah Javier‘. The songs genre is an up-tempo Rock/POP type of song and consists of 8 separate tracks.

Even though ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ was finally studio recorded on Phuket, Thailand it was origenally semi-recorded in Ningbo, China and the mixing, engineering and mastering was done in the USA due to Mark wanted the best result and sound quality.

The main goal of recording ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ is to bring exposure and awareness to the Phuket Charities by way of numerous music related marketing angles with the aim to bring as many people to the ‘Tsunami Day’ website as possible, and then hopefully in-turn they will be kind enough to donate to one or all of the Phuket charities and to kindly download the song.

The Goal: Besides bringing exposure to the Charities and sponsors, this time Mark will try to actually attract enough funds to set up a practice and learning studio workshop with classes, instruments, all materials and a music teacher to assist, introduce and develop music to all orphan children in all orphanages. This has been a long time goal and really depends on how far we can push and promote the song. Time will tell….

The Promotion: The song alone will have the power to market thousands of radio, TV and news stations around the world and also get the word out to thousands of BLOGS and other untapped marketing outlets. The song is a tool to gain maximum exposure for the set-up and ongoing fees to run the music workshop and studio with the main aim of having people and companies clicking the ‘Donate’ banner and donating what they can.

About The Song: The songs genre will be the same in style as his last song ’21st Century Girl’, that you can hear below, so it’s an up-tempo rock n roll Christmas song using guitars, base, percussion’s, piano and brass section.

Just some credits: Due to the website ‘Tsunami Day’ has long gone I would like to acknowledge the below for there help. Without them the ‘Tsunami Day’ song would not have been possible.

Mark would like to thank his sponsors: ‘Michael Dietvorst’ ( Owner of Oriental Living, Phuket ), ‘Stuart Baker’ ( Managing Director of Food Hygiene Asia ), ‘Alan Cooke’ (MBE), ‘Adam Goodman’ ( General Manager of Two Chefs Restaurants on Phuket ) and ‘Cassius Rolfe-Johnson’ (CEO of Phuket Home Services). Unfortunatly my mate Cass past away a few years back. RIP Cass.


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