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PHD only promotes an elite selection of exclusively priced Phuket Town property and real estate for sale on Phuket. Properties such as: Phuket Town Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouse, Villas and Condominium / development projects selling Phuket Town Apartments for sale.

If you are thinking of purchasing property, any real estate or business investment on Phuket, be it for a second home, holiday home, as a retirement home or to set up a Hotel type business, then we offer you our Phuket Town property concierge service, where we will take care of all angles of any purchase you make.

We simply offer you from a: Prompt email reply, souring and finding your Phuket Town property / investment and getting you the best Phuket Town property deals before you arrive too escorting you around to view all property options, while also taking care of all the legal and Government paper-work upon any purchase, which will also save you a lot of stress, time and money.

Abou't Phuket Town

Phuket is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. The town used to be the important port on the west of the Malay Peninsula where Chinese immigrants first landed. Phuket used to be ruled by both Portugal and Holland. Old Phuket Town, is historical town forming part of Phuket City. Old Phuket Town is noted for Sino-Portuguese buildings on both sides of the street and many old buildings have now been converted into shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and museums.

Phuket Town Restaurant and nightlife has a distinctly Asian flavor that’s an acquired taste, yet a delight once you get to know it. The scene in downtown nightclubs and bars is very indicative of Thai culture: it’s fun, slightly corny and no one is taking anything too seriously. If your wondering where to stay on Phuket, and don’t want to be just another tourist, then stay in ‘Phuket Town’.

Local Info

Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand is located at 8.0062100 (latitude in decimal degrees), 98.2990200 (longitude in decimal degrees).

Alternate Names: Phuket Town, Phuket City
Timezone: The time zone id for Phuket Town, Thailand is Asia/Bangkok.
Currency: Currency in Phuket Town, Thailand is THB (Baht)

Available Properties In Phuket Town

Below you will find a selection of properties and businesses for sale and for rent in the Phuket Town area on Phuket. If there are no properties or businesses available below, or you want more options in Phuket Town, please feel free send us an inquiry and we will find for you using the ‘Ask Us To Find’ tab.

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In reality there is many, many properties around Phuket Town by owners and developers wishing to sell or re-sale. There are many Hotels and businesses for sale also. For this reason we offer you our very own sourcing system where you tell us where and what type of property or business that you are searching for and then we will personally find that property and answer any questions you may have, be it concerning securing you the BEST sales prices or any other questions you may have concerning the property, legality or even what’s around the Phuket Town area. Once you arrive we we then escort you around and show you what’s available and then guide you through the legal and sales process.

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