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Once we find we then offer you a complimentary Hotel tour to view all Phuket Hotels available in your niche

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Then if you purchase we also offer help and advise with any Thai legal and title transfers to make your mind at ease.

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Upon any Hotel or Resort purchase will put money back in your pocket by giving you back your flight money.

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When any of out guests purchase we also donate a percentage to our partner Orphanages, charities & animal sanctuaries


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We will be your personal concierge from the first email, to meeting you at the airport, and long after you have purchased.

Phuket Hotels And Resort Examples

Below you can see our Hotel ‘Top Picks’ available right now on Phuket. To find more simply fill in our ‘Ask Us To Find’ form below.

Hotel Tours

Phuket Hotels For Sale Tours

Our complimentary Phuket Hotel tours allow guests to view all freehold and leasehold Phuket Hotels for sale / lease by car, plane or helicopter, and get up to date legal consultation, buying tips & advise throughout the tour. Our tour offers a no obligation guarantee, and is complimentary to guests who wish to live, retire or buy a Hotel on Phuket, or near by islands.

Our VIP Hotel Tours Includes: From a prompt email reply and follow up (Before or after you have arrived on Phuket), finding the Phuket Hotels by niche, quality and location that you are seeking, escorting you around to view all Hotel property options, securing you the BEST sales price (Guaranteed) and also helping you to take care of all the legal, Thai law and Government paper-work upon any purchase, which will save you a lot of time and money. See full tour details below.

Tour includes:

* Complimentary meet and greet at your accommodation on Phuket (Optional)
* Complimentary escorted to view all Hotels we have, or found within your niche and brief, while letting us explain how easy it is to buy Phuket Hotels on Phuket.
* Help with all legal matters, title transfers and full backing through any purchase.
* Show you around the area that you are intended to purchase, and introduce you to like minded expats and business owners.
* Assist with any Hotel inspections, renovating or alterations you may wish to do. (Optional)
* Upon any purchase we will offer you a flight reimbursement.
* Upon any purchase we will donate to local orphanages, charities and animal sanctuaries on Phuket.

* Tour cost: Free
* To Book: If you are already on Phuket, or coming soon, and wish to book simply fill in the ‘Ask Us To Find’ form to start the process. Alternativly, if you have any question simply click on the red ‘Contact Us’ tab on the side of your browser, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page and send us a quick email. Thank you.

Please note: Phuket property tours by plane or Helicopter is an extra cost. Please request this option.

Buying Guide

Phuket Hotel and Resort Buying Guide

The Foreign Business Act limits the rights of foreigners to own and operate a hotel business. Foreigners must obtain a Foreign Business License from the Department of Business Development prior to commencement of operation. However, it is worth noting that a Thai limited company that is majority owned by a Thai will not encounter such restrictions. Consequently, it is beneficial for many to form a business partnership with a Thai national, in order to meet the legal definition of a “Thai company”, i.e. at least 51 percent of a company’s shares must be held by Thai citizens.

In some instances, foreigners may be exempt from certain requirements. Hotels with 100 rooms or more, or with the minimum investment capital of not less than 500 Million baht are qualified for not tax privileges granted by the the Board of Investment. Moreover, for some projects, depending on the location, the BOI may allow foreigners to hold a majority of shares in some promoted projects when it is deemed appropriate.


The number of licenses that should be obtained prior to commencement of business operation depends on the facilities and services provided by hotel.

  • Any hotel that has more than 4 rooms or may accommodate more than 20 guests must obtain a license to operate a hotel business from the Department of Provincial Administration for hotels located in Bangkok, or from the Provincial Governor’s Office for other areas.
  • Hotels that provide catering or restaurant services must obtain a Permit for Selling Food, Liquors and Cigarettes.
  • An entertainment permit must be secured by any hotel that provides conference room services or has places of entertainment, such as pubs, clubs, bars and spas.
  • Date of land acquisitions, land title deeds, lease agreements, household registrations

If you wish to lease a Phuket Hotel, Guest House or Resort the below details are the basics:

1. The lessee ( You or who ever is the lease name title holder ) will enter into a reservation agreement in his/her own name or set up the Thai company first so that the signatory is the Thai company. Either way is fine because it’s just a reservation. This reservation can be discarded also and just proceed to #3 right away.

2. Set up the Thai company.

3. Enter a Lease Agreement, which is between the owner of the property (as Lessor) and the Thai company (as Lessee – which is you or who ever is the lease name title holder). You will need to be the director of the Thai company as well.

4. Obtain a Non-B visa and work permit for the lessee (You/New title or business owner). For this, the company will also need to file the social security for the 4 Thai staff which is required by law.

5. Hotel license, food license, liquor license, etc will also be needed, but dependent if the Hotel you lease sells food, liquor etc. you will require a Hotel license though.

There are four different types of hotel licenses (The prices/rates are just a guide):

Hotel, Resort, Guest House business only, for up to 50 rooms: application fee at 10,000 THB
Hotel, Resort, Guest House and restaurant business: application fee of 20,000 THB
Hotel, Resort, Guest House, restaurant and seminar rooms: application fee of 30,000 THB
Hotel, Resort, Guest House, restaurant, seminar rooms, entertainment business: application fee of 40,000 THB

The normal fee to set-up a Thai company + business visa + work permit ranges from 120,000 THB to 150,000 THB. Our Thai lawyer who handles this service can provide the retainer and full details when it’s needed.

That’s the basics of how to set up, and be able to lease a Hotel on Phuket

For full details on purchasing please visit our Phuket Property Buyng Guide

Phuket Property Offers

Other Phuket Villa or Apartment Offers

If you are thinking of buying Phuket home or business to retire, as an investment, to lease long term, or even for a second home we suggest you check out our property example offers below. All visa help, be it tourist, retirement or business, and legal assistance is included in our service!

1 bedroom Villas for sale Ao Po2 bedroom Apartments for sale Bangtao3 bedroom Condos for sale Patong4 bedroom Villas for sale Cape Panwa5 bedroom Villas for sale Cherng-talay

Ask Us To Find

We offer you our very own Phuket Eco land and property sourcing system where you simply tell us what location of Phuket, what quality of the property or land where you can create or build, that you are searching for and if you want a freehold or leasehold Eco property and then we will find that property, answer any questions you may have and once you arrive, that’s if you are not already on Phuket, and then we will pick up up for where you are staying, escort you around to view all properties we have or have found, and lastly secure you the BEST price (Guaranteed).

If you are thinking to buy or lease a Hotel type property on Phuket adding your max budget, contract type and location area is very important for our search. If you are thinking of leasing, or buying Phuket land for sale, then the same applies, but please also keep in mind that to lease the owners will normally ask for a refunable deposit, X amount of months payment up-front, and also key money upon purchase, so once again your max budget is key. Please simply fill in the below form at the bottom of this page and submit.

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