trailblazing women help ensure better tuna fishing in ghana - Trailblazing women help ensure better tuna fishing in Ghana

Ocean conservation requires a solid understanding of what we’re taking out of our seas. How much fish do fishers catch? Where do they catch them? And what else are they catching along with the fish?

In Ghana, the government is seeking to answer those questions by collecting information digitally on tuna boats through a network of cameras, monitors, and sensors. That data provides guidance on how we can better care for our natural resources and reassures buyers that they’re getting a good catch. But that information is only useful if it’s analyzed. That’s where a few trailblazing women come in.

WWF’s Lauren Spurrier advocated for women to have access to jobs reviewing and organizing the information collected on boats—and she succeeded. Today, four of the 10 people tasked monitoring fishing in Ghana are women and this assignment provided the opportunity for them to pursue a professional future in a country with limited career opportunities. Ultimately, two of the women dedicated to the analysis work full-time accomplished 75% of the analysis.

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