Similan National Park

Similan National Park in Thailand offers underwater views depth ranging from 2 metres to 30 metres. It also has exotic sandy beaches, with granite rock formation that just plunge into the sea to form reefs and perfect place for diving troughs.

Khao Khien Mountain Cave

It is the must see attraction on your tours to Thailand, as the cave has primitive rock paintings of various animals and creatures and the cave is believe to be 3,000 years old.

Chonburi Province

Located in the eastern coast of Thailand, Chonburi province is the popular as a weekend getaway because of its proximity to Bangkok. Chonburi province has beautiful beaches among which the world famous Pattaya beach resort is also located here.

Ko Samui

Fringed by the swaying coconut plantation, Koi Samui is a beautiful island off southeastern Thailand. Here the beaches like Hat Chawent and Hat Lamai are popular and so they are bit crowded. But if you love tranquility and quite environment, it is worth to visit Mae Nam beach.

Beside these marvelous attractions there are several other attractions which are also worth to visit and explore on your tour. But at the same time the events of Thailand are also mesmerizing that lures tourists from all over the world. Bangkok International Film Festival, Chinese New Year Celebrations, Pattaya Music Festival, Toh Moh Goddess Shrine Festival, Samui Carnival, King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament, Sukhothai Loi Krathong Festival, and Chiang Mai Flower Festival are some of the important events that showcase the beautiful blend of Thailands past with the present.

Well come for a holidays in Thailand and you will find it amazingly beautiful and its destinations and attractions beyond visual and verbal description. So book your travel package to Thailand and enjoy your holidays in the place, which is referred as Land of Smiles

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