Naturally it depends on whether you travel by direct or in-direct flight, a direct flight from London Heathrow would normally takes about 11 hours out bound and 10 hours inbound due to tail winds.
4. Do people speak English in Thailand?

In all the major tourist areas yes, however traveling to the outer Villages very few people speak English, however this is changing as English is taught at most schools.
5. What about currencies, exchange?

We recommend you change your currency in Thailand as at this time you will achieve far higher rates, unlike many countries you will find that wherever you change your money you will get the same deal. If you wish to change larger amounts, say over 200.00 sterling then talk to us as we can refer you to a private bank where exchange rates are slightly higher than the traditional banks.
6. How can I get to Viewpoint Village from Airport (taxi, bus, train etc.)

There is an airport coach service, local taxis and by mini-bus.

Can you pick me up from the airport?

It is recommended that you arrange transfers through us, it is hassle free, cheaper and you will be met by the driver as you leave the baggage area and enter the arrivals hall. We have used this Thai company for years and they will take you direct to your holiday/vacation rental property.

What the prices on taxi?

There are three options dependant on the size of your group, if three persons or more we suggest for your comfort you use a minibus. 9. A taxi is 2000 baht each way, Limousine service 2600 baht each way and a minibus for up to 9 persons is 2600 baht each way. If you are a golfing group due to the amount of luggage we would suggest a maximum of six persons for a minibus. All payments are made to the driver!

What is the distance to general places to visit?

It is very difficult to pin-point the answer to this question due to the many varied options; however it is fair to say that most of the major activities are within a fifteen minute drive from Viewpoint.

Where can I eat and how it costs for dinner or supper in average?

As you will discover eating is a national pass-time in Thailand hence there is always a roadside stall cooking BBQ Chicken or a Thai Noodles dish or a restaurant nearby, prices in the main compared to European countries are very cheap, a local Thai restaurant you can easily eat for less than 1.00 per head, however a European style meal would be around 4.00. A full English breakfast at Yorkies on the Jomtien beach road just a two minute drive from Viewpoint will cost from 1.50 to 3.50 for a ‘Gut-buster’ be warned you had better be hungry!

Are there any shops or restaurants, cafes near the villas?

Within walking distance of two or three minutes there are two small Thai style open air restaurants, the main restaurant which is highly recommended is Chillie and Sweets – never had a bad word about it from our guests only high words of praise! The majority of restaurants are along the Jomtien beach road, some five minute drive or into Pattaya, about ten minutes, which provides a massive choice of eateries from around the world.

Do I need to bring my own sporting equipment?

Most Golfers bring their own equipment, however for golfing and water-sports you will find equipment available for hire.

Is Thailand a good place to bring kids?

There are many activities available for children both land and water based, please see the activities page on our website. The evenings for the younger children other than cinemas and ten pin bowling is limited after 7pm. We do offer a baby sitting service.

Are there any special festivals or events I should consider?

There are a number of events throughout Thailand through the year, the major event for Tourists is Songkran held in April please see our website for details, New Year is also spectacular and is a major event in Pattaya it starts early evening and goes on often past breakfast – don’t forget your camera.

What credit cards can I use?

Visa and Mastercard are widely used at major hotels and some restaurants, AMEX is not accepted everywhere. Small hotels, restaurants and many shops do not accept credit cards so be prepared. Use your credit/debit card to obtain cash from ATMs(limit 20,000 baht a day). This is the cheapest way to obtain Thai Baht. ATM/s are located in the main tourist areas, department stores, and outside banks and shops. You can also withdraw cash on your credit cards from local exchange tellers but need to show your passport.

Are travelers checks accepted in Thailand?

Yes. Foreign denomination checks are easily exchanged for cash. However it is not the cheapest way to buy Thai Baht. Foreign exchange counters are located in all major tourist areas and never far away. Remember always take your passport.

Can I rent diving equipment?

All diving centers rent diving equipment!

Do I really need insurance?

It is very wise to have insurance, private medical bills can be expensive as can be a lost video camera!

Can I use my GSM in Thailand?

Yes, you certainly can. Thailand has several modern and reliable 1800 networks. Consult your GSM provider at home about the roaming prices for calls within Thailand. They may be (very) high. If you plan to make many calls within Thailand, you may consider to buy a SIM card in Thailand or even a second phone, any 7/11 shop will sell you a sim card with credit for 300 baht upwards, this is very usefull and very cheap. Calls to the UK will cost some 10 baht a minute only 15p against a roaming facility of over 1.00.

Do I need an International driving licence to drive?

It is advisable to do so but any National full licence is acceptable.

Which side of the road does Thailand drive on?

Thailand is as the UK we drive on the left!

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