Each of these reasons makes the private villas Phuket has available much preferable to a hotel for family vacations, whether for one night or a month.


Since the booking is done by the family, as opposed to a travel company, there is the opportunity to negotiate a better price. There are no surcharges that are otherwise incurred. In addition, there are no hidden costs. You know up front what is going to be charged and can plan accordingly.


You enjoy complete privacy, contrary to what is available at a hotel. There are no other guests staying with you, just your family. The space is private and detached each unit a stand alone. You have complete freedom and flexibility about your stay. There is less chance of children being loud and disturbing other guests, as the unit is separate from all others.


Safety is not an issue like it is in a hotel. You wont need to block a chair or other piece of furniture in front of the door to ensure no one uninvited gets in. There is 24/7 security on the premises for your familys protection. Since you are staying in a separate facility than other guests, you dont have to worry about your children or your belongings. There will not be any contact with anyone else unless you choose for there to be.

Dining options

A major portion of the cost of a vacation or holiday is restaurant food. But that is not the case with a villa. You get a personal chef to help with meal planning. A fully equipped kitchen means plenty of opportunity to cook your own meals. You also have the option of indoor dining, or dining outdoors in the beautiful gardens around your accommodations.

Family togetherness and space

With the spacious grounds and gardens, there is plenty of space to play and just stroll in the garden. Families get close since there is no one else around to distract that togetherness. There is lots of space both indoors and outdoors. A private swimming and recreational facilities means your family enjoys ready entertainment at one of the private villas Phuket has to offer.

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