thailands covid cases surpass 20000 mark today as new records set for deaths hospitalized - Thailand’s COVID cases surpass 20,000-mark today, as new records set for deaths, hospitalized

Photo by Mladen ANTONOV / AFP

Thailand’s daily new COVID-19 infections reached a new high of 20,200 on Wednesday, with a new daily death toll high of 188.

Another new record of 211,076 infected people in treatment was also set today, as the number of those hospitalised keeps increasing during this continued surge in new cases. The numbers being treated in hospitals surpassed the 200,000 level on Saturday July 31st.

Most new cases are from local transmission, with only 187 in prisons and 21 among overseas arrivals. Accumulated cases, since April this year, are 643,522, out of a total of 672,385 cases since last year, while 5,409 deaths have been recorded since April, with a total of 5,503 since last year.

Bangkok remains on top of provinces with most infections, with 4,118 cases being recorded today. Other provinces in the top ten list with most infections are Chon Buri (1,678), Samut Sakhon (1,294), Samut Prakan (945), Nonthaburi (908), Chachoengsao (556), Saraburi (522), Nakhon Ratchasima (456), Ubon Ratchathani (396), Udon Thani (388).

Of today’s fatalities, 111 were reported in Bangkok and its five neighbouring provinces – Nonthaburi, Nalhon Pathum, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan and Samut Songkhram. 23 were found in the Deep South, and 2 in prisons.

Thailand currently ranks the world’s 41st country with most accumulated infections.

A total of 18.57 million doses of vaccines have been administered to date, with about 10.4 million people, or about 14.9% of the entire population, receiving only their first doses, and only 4.08 million people, or about 5.8%, being fully vaccinated.

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