Nepal Earthquake Appeal – Phuket, Thailand

As the dust and bones settle once again from the fallout of mother natures plea for help, somber cries silently Nepal earthquake donation appealthunder once again throughout the ghostly world only to be disappointingly heard by unwilling to open ears and eyes, which disguise there greed and selfishness by snaking their tongues back and forth and slithering on their pedestals, until the next time.

The same applies to the so say weak and easily lead generations that they yearn for that gadget or that ‘look at me’ piece of pride and joy, but they looked away and masked their humanity a long ago, until the next time.

It’s the ones who want for nothing. Those who see life in places most see poverty and the ones who still open their doors to strangers and ask not for their kindness, even though they have no food to eat the following day. They are the ones who suffer right now, and there is no next time for the Children left behind in Nepal!

Here is the situation as information comes to hand:

> At least 1.7 million children require immediate aid,
> More than 5,000 people have been killed, and the number of reported casualties continues to increase,
> The risk of waterborne disease is increasing because of limited access to safe water and sanitation,
> 30 out of 75 districts have been affected by the earthquake,

There has been massive destruction. Buildings have collapsed, cellphone networks are down in many areas, and power is out. Hospitals are also overcrowded and running out of medical supplies and the majority of the population is staying outside, despite the cold, due to fear of aftershocks and structural damage to buildings.

UNICEF is mobilizing staff and emergency supplies to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children affected by the earthquake, focusing on water and sanitation, nutrition, education and child protection.


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