Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it is also one of the busiest business centers of the country. Many people from round the world prefer Thailand vacations because it is one of the cheapest vacation destinations when compared to the other Asian tourist destinations. Thailand is extremely inexpensive when compared to other American and European tourist destinations. Though it is a cheaper vacation destination, it does not mean that you will be less satisfied. Everyone who visits Thailand will love to return to Thailand at the first chance they get.

Thailand has breathtaking beaches and exciting places for sightseeing. In general, Thailand is a hot country and the temperature varies between 22 and 35 Celsius. Some interesting destinations that are known as action centers of Thailand include Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Samui.

When you are planning your Thailand vacation, you should allot enough time at the Chao Praya River, which is one of the biggest attractions of Thailand. You will be able to enjoy your vacation the best when your trip is planned between July and November.
When you are in Thailand never, forget to try the famous Thai cuisine and you will surely love the mild flavors of the Thai recipes.

Thailand is not only a budget vacation destination; it has a very friendly culture that welcomes tourists. You will find the Thai to be warm and cordial. The sacred temples of Thailand are one of the major attractions of the country. It is these temples that give the country a mystical dimension. When you are planning your budget vacation to Thailand, you must make sure to compare a number of hotel deals so that you will be able to lock on to the best deal. You will be able to save further by going for packages instead of making your hotel and flight booking separately. However, you should get the cost for both the options before you finalize your trip arrangements.

By: Christopher Snyder

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