Madagascar Landmarks

The French, English and Malagasy speaking persons of Madagascar are one of the most polite, friendly and cheerful people. Originating one or more of the riches cultures with origins from Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East; the Malagasy people hold their customs, traditions and beliefs extremely important to them.

Visit the nation’s capital, Antananarivo, where lots of tourists go to enjoy great accommodation and tourist comforts. With both budget and luxury hotels, holidaymakers can roam around the city to sample the food and markets without leaving their comfort zone.

After Antananarivo, take a train to the port town of Toamasina renowned for its scenic coastline, enjoyable beaches, coral reefs and the central markets all located on its sandy peninsula.

For a cooler climate, visit the town of Antsirabe that is situated on the slopes of Mount Tsiafajavona where one can ride a colourful rickshaw, soothe oneself in thermal baths and enjoy haggling over handicrafts and artefacts in the town streets.

Always bear in mind to go on wildlife tours in nature reserves that are located all around the country. Go to the Masoala National Park where one can feel the rainforest and coastal forest. With three marine parks and a terrestrial park to protect the wildlife, this place boasts of its rare types of eagles, serpents and lemurs in addition to its rich biodiversity.

The best time to travel to tropical Madagascar would be from July to October when the climate is cool over time with the nation’s dry season. The least favourable time to go would be from November to April, the rainy season where thunderstorms and cyclones are quite common. Although travelling in Madagascar has never been substantially hazardous, one’s main concern throughout their travels would be the chance of thievery. Always keep your valuables with you and be alert to your belongings particularly in crowded places.

Source: By: Jimmy Albas

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Best Time To Visit Thailand

The Songkaran Festival is not to be missed as it would be the largest and also rowdiest festivity among the Thai people. Refered to Water Festival, it is the time of year when Thais let down their hair and splash water on one another in the belief that this would wash away negative fortune.

As for the Koh Phangan Moon Festival, this means beach events galore. Its celebrated for the duration of every full moon with the festivities centered on the island of Koh Phangan nar Koh Samui. A very large number Thais join within the beach for an evening of merrymaking.

Not to be bested, Makha Bucha Day is an annual holy Buddhist day celebrated by a lot of Thai Theravada Buddhists in Thailand. This is one among three important Buddhist holidays rejoiced around Thailand in observance on the special phases of the holy Buddha for the duration of his existence. The Makha Bucha Day is usually celebrated in a full moon night of the third lunar month which usually takes place in February.

Visitors who wish to join of those enticing celebrations may search for online hotel bookings for discounted hotel lodgings in the suitable holiday sites. The Songakaran Festival is observed in all of Thailand so tourists may book hotels in Thailand or nearby resort towns. If Phuket is your decision, you will find the Hilton hotels.

Pick among luxury hotels, business hotels, boutique hotels and nightlife hotels. For luxurious hotels, you will find the Mandarin Oriental, The Peninsula Bangkok, Sukhothai, Four Seasons, Conrad Hotel, Shangri-La Bangkok, ?Intercontinental? Bangkok, A-Royal Meridien Plaza Athenee, Dusit Thani and Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.

Fly to Thailand using the lowest air ticket programs and be part of the quaint festivals here at discount Thailand hotels.

Source: By: Mary Richardson

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