Sensual Odyssey At Kamalaya Spa Resort Koh Samui

Personalized expertise is also offered by an international team of naturopaths.

The healing process offered here is an amalgamation of the therapies from east and west. The services are offered in a beautiful natural environment, inspired from healthy cuisine, holistic fitness practices and personality wellness programs.

Kamalaya is a haven lying around a monk’s cave that once was used by Buddhist monks for contemplation and sacred retreat. This spa resort will give you a chance to slow down from the fast pace of maddening city life which we have become so accustomed to. It is a place where you will feel inspired to enjoy the life again and relish in small beautiful gifts which life has to offer. The essence of Kamalaya Spa Resort lays in its name, Kamal meaning and Alaya stands for lotus realm .It is an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit.


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