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To explore the magnificent Wold Heritage sites Sukhothai.2) To visit world’s largest GOLD BUDDHA, having super shopping experienace and enjoying night life in Bangkok.

3) to enjoy Seasights and Beaches in lively enviornment of Phuket. is your complete online directory and dictionary to know each and every this and that’s about best Thailand Tourist Destinations. Our online travel guide can help you plan where and how to go in Thailand by providing information about dining and accommodation, Thailand tourist attractions, regional festivals and events, different activities in each of the Thailand provinces, and unique shopping products produced in different regions of Thailand.

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Phuket Hospitals

The Kathu Hospital in Patong is one that can be used to treat minor ailments or injuries. If you have a more serious condition, you may require ambulance care. The following Phuket hospitals are located throughout the island and can give you a variety of medical care:

1. The Bangkok Phuket Hospital. This is located in Phuket Town and is a 24 hour emergency hospital. It is also an affiliate of the Bangkok Hospital and there are flights available to Bangkok if the ailment or injury cannot be treated at this hospital. In most cases, however, the doctors at Bangkok Phuket Hospital will be able to cure what ails you.

2. Mission Hospital – This is a smaller hospital that is located in the Southern part of the island. It has adequate care and is great for minor treatments of injuries or ailments.

3. Patong-Kathu Hospital – This is a local hospital located on Patong Beach where minor ailments and injuries can be treated.

4. Pat Sompot Hospital – This is a small hospital located at Pat Sompat where you can have minor injuries or illnesses looked at.

5. Phuket Adventist Hospital. This is a 24 hour emergency hospital located in Phuket Town that caters to international travelers. It is part of the Adventist hospital chain.

6. Phuket International Hospital is also located in Phuket town and provides 24 hour emergency treatment.

7. Phuket Ruampat Hospital is located in Ruampat and has care for minor ailments and injuries.

8. Phya Thai Phuket Hospital is located in the West part of Phuket Island and is also a Phuket hospital for minor care.

9. Sirroj Hospital is a small clinic that can treat you easily for any minor problems.

10. Vachira Phuket Hospital is located in Vachiria and can help you if you become ill during your holiday.

All of the Phuket hospitals have English speaking staff as well as those who speak other languages. The care is very good in Phuket hospitals, as a matter of fact, some Europeans opt to come to Phuket Island or Bangkok for medical treatments that they would otherwise have to wait months for in their home countries.

Thai people are very laid back and friendly. Hopefully you will not have an opportunity to visit the hospital when on holiday. However, if you do end up going to one of the Phuket hospitals, you can be sure of prompt attention and compassionate care from the caring and considerate people in Thailand.

Source: By: Ravi Verma

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