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To explore the magnificent Wold Heritage sites Sukhothai.2) To visit world’s largest GOLD BUDDHA, having super shopping experienace and enjoying night life in Bangkok.

3) to enjoy Seasights and Beaches in lively enviornment of Phuket. is your complete online directory and dictionary to know each and every this and that’s about best Thailand Tourist Destinations. Our online travel guide can help you plan where and how to go in Thailand by providing information about dining and accommodation, Thailand tourist attractions, regional festivals and events, different activities in each of the Thailand provinces, and unique shopping products produced in different regions of Thailand.

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About Thailand

Thailand is often referred to as the land of smiles. This statement, of course, does not take into account the several traffic snarls in Bangkok alone.

The climate in Thailand is, for the most part, tropical. It is rainy, warm, and cloudy during the southwest monsoon (mid-May to September); dry and cool during the northeast monsoon (November to mid-March); and the southern isthmus is generally hot and humid.

Thai is the most common language spoken, but English is gaining popularity, especially with the influx of tourists, and it is frequently a language spoken by the Thai elite. Ethnic and regional dialects predominate in village areas, but an interpreter or guide can help you to understand the language and communicate.

A strange combination of contrasts, Thailand can be very stressful when attempting to get around Bangkok, but it can also be extremely relaxing visiting any of the number of beaches that exist along the Thai coast. These beaches have served as the settings for several films. Traditional beach resort areas like Phuket and Phi Phi and rustic beaches like the one belonging to the Ko Chang island, with some beach bungalows, a few local bars and a couple of stores, are easy to find. To locate beaches catering to a mixed taste, you will need to ask the locals or your travel agent, but its pretty simple finding just the resort you desire.

However, do not limit yourself to just the beach. Up country, towards the north, you can find the city of Chang Mai, the Summer Palace of the King of Thailand, and little villages where you can partake of interesting local customs and rituals. Rafting, hiking, mountain biking, diving, snorkeling, trekking, and other adventure sports are also popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

Flights to Thailand are as cheap as approximately $650 for a round-trip flight on Korean Airlines. This makes Thailand a perfect destination for budget travelers. Basics like food and accommodations are reasonably priced, so your money will go a long way.

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What You Need To Know About Thailand Travel

A Concise Review of a Seemingly Interminable Place

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is worth visiting spot. This sacred temple has Buddha statue that is 65 centimeter elevated and is entirely made of jasper quartz or jade. While the jade goes back to 15th century, the murals on the walls of the compound can be traced back to 18th century. The visitors can take a look at The Royal Thai Decorations and the Coin Pavilion. All in all the sanctity of the temple speaks through itself and the ambiance is enough to enchant the visitors.

Along with Temple of Emerald Buddha, several other grand Buddha temples can be seen once you move into the city of Bangkok. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has proved its worth across the globe. This metropolis has everything to offer to its visitors. From wonderful museums to thrilling nightlife, Bangkok has it all. The bustling city owns the largest South East Asian museum called The National Museum. National Museum has a gathering of various things like Thai art from old to contemporary, musical instruments, weapons, woodcarving, ceramics, clothing and sacred Buddha images.

Visitors that come to Bangkok never miss the opportunity to encounter Vinmanmek Teak Mansion that is supposed to be the largest teak building in the world. The Royal Elephant Museum and Dusuit Zoo are perfect places to have some learning with fun. The Wat Pho temple near the temple of Emerald Buddha in Bangkok is perhaps the oldest and the largest of all Buddha temples there. The Wat Pho temple is known for its 46 meter long statue of reclining Buddha and the largest collection of Buddhas in the country. A refreshing massage therapy is done at this place that too attracts a lot of people.

Finally when it comes to shopping, Bangkok has it all. There are ample of markets here that will serve you with all the things of your necessity. The Chatuchak Market or The Weekend Market (that is open on Saturdays and sundaes only), the Pak Khlong market and markets in Chinatown and Phahurat district are particularly quite famous.

The Thonburi region resting on the west bank of river Thonburi has always gathered attention due to different reasons. The Taksin Monument that has a statue of Thailand’s eminent king Taksin which is a delight to watch. The Royal Barges Museum that has a fantastic collection of boats, the outstanding one being the king’s personal barge -The Golden Swan is definitely a pull in Thonburi.

Buddhist stupas area centre of attraction at Ayuthaya, a city that lies to the north of Bangkok. The oldest and largest temple here is the Wat Phra Si Sanphet, another famous temple is Wat No Phra Meru that has a green stone Buddha statue inside. The Ayuthaya and the Chantharakasen are the two significant national museums. The Lopburi and the Kanchanaburi town in the Central Thailand region is a host to a lot many tourists every year.

In the Southeastern Thailand region is situated the Ko Chang National Park that is crammed by people due to the various activities like elephant riding, diving, snorkeling etc. and also to enjoy the wildlife in this area. The Rayong Province has a set of exotic beaches along with the Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park that has striking limestone mountains, caves, cliffs and waterfalls including impressive wildlife. Pattaya is another eventful beach spot located 150 kilometers away from Bangkok.

The Northern Thailand is bedecked by the Lamphun Province that has numerous historical temples, Doi Khun Tan National Park, the Lampang Province that grounds the Wat Phra That Lampang Luang temple which is considered to be one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand and there is also the famous Thai Elephant Conservation Center which provides acre for sick elephants, animal shows and tourist exhibits from time to time. The Sukhothai Province is important for its Ramkhamhaeng National Park.

The Isan Region of Northeastern Thailand has the renowned Khao Yai National Park, which is a home for innumerable wild animals and the Phanom Rung Historical Park.

Few places at the Thailand’s Southern Coasts like Phetchaburi city, the Southern Gulf Region (known for marine life and water sports) and the Andaman Coast are everlastingly meant for vacationing in Thailand.
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