Phuket, 19 November 2018 – The Marine Department (Phuket Office) has issued a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure public safety during Loi Krathong (22 November 2018), one of the most popular festivals on the Thai calendar.

Safety guidelines issued to ensure marine safety over Loi Krathong

The safety measures regulate the operations and procedures to be observed by piers, pontoons, boats, operators of all marine navigation facilities, tourists and the Thai general public.

The guidelines include strict limits on the loading capacity, alcohol consumption by both crew and passengers of marine craft, signage, provision of safety equipment; such as, lifejackets and fire-fighting, and more.

Operators of all marine craft have to ensure proper maintenance of all engines and equipment, and not exceed the optimum speed limits.

The Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn said, “The prompt action being taken by the Marine Department is deeply appreciated. It will enhance the confidence of the travelling public and ensure a safe and secure Loi Krathong for everyone.”

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