The hot and tropical weather makes Phuket an ideal place to visit when you want to get away from the cold. People who live in parts of Western Europe and North America experience extremely cold temperatures from November through March, which is when it is the hottest in Phuket.

From late May to November, the Phuket weather gets a bit cooler, which is about 88 degrees Fahrenheit, on the average. Visiting Phuket during this time of the year can be very pleasant as the cooler temperatures make sightseeing a little more enjoyable. The incessant rain does not stop any of the activities on the island as it is seen as cooling. During the month of May, it will rain on the average of 25 days throughout the month. After this, however, it does not rain as often, although you can still count on getting rain if you visit Phuket during the monsoon season.

The best months to visit Phuket are June through August. During this time, there are short storms, but the temperatures are not as high as they are during September through November. Some tourists prefer to visit Phuket during the monsoon season because the hotels generally offer special discounts as do most of the shops. If you are seeking to travel to Phuket on a budget, the time to go is from May to November.

The Phuket weather is always hot, to those who are used to a variety of temperatures. It rarely dips below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which, to some in the West, is very hot weather. It rains often, but more during the monsoon season. The tropical climate adds to the foliage of the area and allows certain plants and fruits to grow in this climate.

The only thing that you cannot do during the monsoon season is swim off the West beaches. This is because there are strong currents at this time of the year. Other than that, the monsoon season rarely affects any trips or pleasure activities. For most people, traveling to Phuket during the monsoon season can be more pleasant when it comes to Phuket weather, than traveling in the high season when it is so very hot all of the time.

When packing for your trip to Phuket Island, Thailand, remember to bring light clothing and swimming costumes as well as plenty of sun block. The Phuket weather is guaranteed to be hot and will most likely be sunny during most of your holiday.

Source: By: Ravi Verma

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