For those wishing to email the Phuket Immigration or Phuket Tourist Police read on. A frustrated person on Phuket was trying to get information about if the Patong Immigration office is still open, due to it did at one time close. He wrote…

“Due to my visa runs out in the next few days I have to go to the Phuket Immigration office on Phuket to get the extra one months extension, so due to I live on the west side on Phuket it’s a lot more easy for me to get to the Patong Immigration office. Just to be 100% sure that the Patong Immigration office was still open I went onto the Phuket Immigrations website ( ), then to the contact page and tried to send an email. Unfortunately it was bounced back meaning it’s either the mail box is full or that the persons email / or that email is no longer working, so, under that email there’s the Phuket Tourist Police web link. Great I thought, so I clicked on this link and all i got was ‘Server Not Found’! Um….

I then i decided that the best thing to do was to search for the Phuket Tourist Police website, found it ( ) and it stated on the home page “To send us an email. Please see our 24/7 contact details by clicking here”, so I clicked and the email form or email is no where to be found.

Moral of the story is for those who wishing to email the Phuket Immigration or Phuket Tourist Police is to forget about trying. Call instead, that’s if they pick-up!?”


Telephone 1155 and speak with our Thai and/or English speaking officer
Visit our office on Phuket Town.
Visit our office on Beach Road, Patong
Speak to our patrolling officers every night on Bangla Road, Patong

Mr. Igor Protasov
Nationality: Russian
I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Slovak, Czech
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