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Phuket Guitar Teacher And Vocal Coach.

Job Wanted on Phuket: I am a Phuket guitar teacher and vocal coach offering instruction and lessons to beginners / to advanced students for guitar, flute and vocal / singing coaching.

I offer a scheme of guitar, flute and vocal tuition suitable for students at different stages of ability in performance and theory on Phuket.

Starting from beginners and leading on to the advanced level so that students have a good grasp of musical theory and musicianship as a good grounding for a higher level of interpretative skill to perform required works convincingly.

Phuket Guitar Teacher: During the guitar and flute lessons you can learn for example:

  • Very basics of ear training to more advanced approaches like how to hear chord progressions without the help of the instrument.
  • Most famous chord forms which will teach you A LOT OF SONGS!
  • Guitar technique. How to play with less effort. Individual overall technique adjustments.
  • Special techniques. How to play double string tremolo, thumb style, beat tap….
  • Artistic development. How to use dynamics, attack and feel to make your playing sound more alive.
  • How to finish songs and play with confidence.
  • How to practice.
  • Jamming

Phuket Vocal Teacher: During the vocal lessons you can learn for example:

  • Breathing Exercises: Advice and exercises to aid in correct breathing and breath control for singers plus links to related articles on breathing and support.
  • Books for Singers: Audio books and books for singers on singing including exercises, history, theory and advice for beginners to advanced vocalists and performers.
  • Ear Training: Ear Training and Pitching Exercises, advice and applications to help singers learn to sing in tune plus links to related resources and articles.
  • Fitness Exercises: Physical Exercises for Singers, article on physical fitness for singers includes simple exercises and links to related resources
  • Learning Lyrics: Advice and exercises for singers on learning song words including examples and online player plus links to educational resources and related articles.
  • Posture Exercises: Advice on posture with exercises to help singers achieve correct posture to improve their singing and movement.
  • Sight Reading & Sight Singing: Lessons, tips and information for beginners on learning to sight read music includes sight reading tests, scores, drills, articles and free software downloads for learning to sight read.
  • Vocal Singing Exercises: Singing lessons, Advice and Exercises for beginners with links to online singing exercises and articles for intermediate and advanced singers.
  • Vocal Scales: Midi scales with text instructions for vocalists to practice their singing online.

Also I can offer my band and live music for any party or function.

For your information. Currently I have been living on Phuket for over 10 years and Cert. ESL / EFL TEFL Teacher for 20 years .

If you, your family or your students require a music teacher and would like to learn guitar, flute or to learn how to sing using a professional vocal instructor please either give me a call or email me.

Thank you

Name: George Cordeiro
MOB: +6687 276 1225