phuket boat incidents sunken phoenix tour boat retrieved one minute silence observed - Phuket Boat Incidents: sunken Phoenix tour boat retrieved, one-minute silence observed

Bangkok, 18 November, 2018 – The salvage team on late Saturday afternoon was able to retrieve the wreckage of the sunken Phoenix tour boat which had been lying in 45 metres of water, 3.7 kilometres off Ko Hae near Phuket since 5 July when it capsized in a storm.

A one-minute silence was observed in remembrance of all people who lost their lives in the tragic event. The boat will be moved to a dock on Monday for inspection.

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After the tragic incident, Thai authorities as well as Phuket’s public and private stakeholders have been taking steps to improve tour boat safety to enhance the standard of marine tourism in the country and to assure confidence among tourists that the necessary measures are moving forward.

Read more on Thailand’s Marine Department announces progress made in improving Phuket tour boat safety.

For related information on the ‘Phuket Boat Incidents’ including how the Thai government has provided much-needed support and comfort in what is extremely difficult time for family members and friends of the victims, please visit: TAT Newsroom – Thailand Tourism Updates.

*Photo credit: Government Public Relations Department – Phuket Office

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