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Top 25: Wild Birds on the Edge

Wild Bird Trust presents this week’s Top 25, Wild Birds on the Edge. With 1 in 8 wild birds listed as at-risk on the IUCN Redlist, we dedicate this week’s Top 25 to these birds, on the edge of extinction. The IUCN Redlist is the leading authority for categorising...

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New Zealand has more gangsters than soldiers

THE picturesque wine country of Hawkes Bay is hardly a classic gangland. Tourists come here to ogle art deco buildings or slurp merlot. But its less affluent suburbs are divided between bitter rivals: Black Power and the Mongrel Mob, New Zealand’s biggest gangs. This...

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Asian leaders are in the vanguard of social media

WHEN he is not lifting minuscule weights or catering to the whims of his cats, Najib Razak somehow finds time to be Malaysia’s prime minister—or so his feed on Instagram, a photo-sharing app, implies. Hun Sen, Cambodia’s strongman, apparently dedicates most of his...

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