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From ocean to plate

When you chow down on a tuna melt or shrimp scampi, do you ever wonder how it got to your plate? Every seafood journey is different but has at least one thing in common: it goes through a lot to get there.  Unfortunately in their journey across the supply chain,...

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Top 25 Birds that Scavenge

Scavenging birds play a vital role in our ecosystems, they clean up carcasses before they have time to rot. Without scavengers, rotting carcasses would become hubs for harmful pathogens. Vultures specialise in eating carrion and are highly efficient at cleaning up a...

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7 Ways you can help save the ocean

3. Reduce your carbon emissions In the last half-century, the ocean has absorbed 90% of the excess heat created by burning fossil fuels. That’s led to warmer waters, which can affect where fish swim, how marine species reproduce, how fast sea levels rise, and even...

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