nickel mines hires muchtazar from unilever as first sustainability manager - Nickel Mines hires Muchtazar from Unilever as first sustainability manager

Nickel Mines Limited, an Australian nickel mining company, has hired its first sustainability manager.

Taking on that role is Muchtazar, who joins the company after more than four and half years with consumer goods firm Unilever, where he was a sustainability executive working on plastics recycling, based in Indonesia.

Muchtazar’s role, which is based in Jakarta, will involve working on Nickel Mines’s first sustainability report, which is slated to be published in March 2022.

Nickel Mines has four operations in Indonesia, and employs 1,850 people. The company’s sustainability efforts to date include a study to measure and benchmark its emissions, and recycling waste for use as industrial bricks and concrete slabs.

Nickel is a used to make steel and increasingly electric vehicle batteries, but faces environmental concerns such as the release of toxic metals in the environment. Nickel is principally mined in Australia, Canada, Russia, and the Philippines as well as Indonesia, which has the world’s largest reserves.

Prior to Unilever, Muchtazar, who has a master’s degree in environmental science, has worked as an environmental engineer for mining firm PT Kideco Jaya Agung, Indika Energy Group and Thai chemicals firm SCG.

In 2018, he was selected for the Asian Circular Economy Leadership Academy, a programme run by the United Nations Environment Programme, and in 2019, he was awarded by the UN Global Compact as an SDG Pioneer.

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