netflix india releases music video namma stories as part of their expansion into southern india - Netflix India releases music video ‘Namma stories’ as part of their expansion into southern India

A day after Netflix launched its new Netflix India South Twitter account, the streaming platform released “South Anthem – Namma Stories”, a song dedicated to the culture and brilliancy of India’s southern states.

On Thursday, Netflix India took to Twitter to announce the news. “Get ready to drop some adipolis, vera levels, kirraks and sakkaths, because your screens are about to be set on [fire emojis],” said a tweet by Netflix India South.

“Presenting Namma Stories – a celebration of stories from the south,” it added.

The “South Anthem” features rappers Arivu, SIRI, Hanumankind, and NJ, an actor from the Kerala state, best known for portraying the character of Moosa in the political thriller TV series The Family Man.

In the music video, the artists are seen rapping in their mother tongues about their pride, the richness of their culture, passion, and shared love for film.

The video also showcases a feeling of fraternity felt among the five southern states, namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The music video is part of Netflix’s efforts to make a mark in the southern states, according to local reports.

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