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Have a look around your streets or shopping malls to see how many people are wearing masks. If it does not look like this above image then don’t cry and complain when your City gets locked down!

It is unsure how Coronavirus in Thailand, or Asia, will develope, or mutate, in the coming months, or even years, but apart from most people in Thailand and Asia wearing masks on public transport or while out walking, as they have been doing for many years, life goes on as usual.

On the other hand the situation in other, Western, countries now resembles the situation Thailand and other Asian Countries were in during the first few weeks of the Sars spread in early 2003. The good news for the Western governments still scrambling to respond is that the measures most Asian countries implemented over the past 5 or 6 months to the Covid-19 outbreak have been shown to slow, and even stop the impact of the disease resulting in no new cases, except the ones coming from returning national from over-seas, but are these Western leaders, and it’s people, to stubborn, or still stuck with their colonial mentality to watch and learn from the, so say, culturally inferior people they once ruled over?

Unfortunately still to date most western Countries, including the UK and North America, seem to think that they are are better than the rest of the world, and with this have failed to enforce the strong measures needed from the get go to tame this virus, unlike how they used to force their rule on the native populations in far off Countries they once ruled over. Nowadays it seems that they are simply to scared of upsetting the liberal minded government backbenchers, senators and the ‘want for nothing’, general public who seem to have tantrums when they do not get their own way or can go to the pub etc, even though it could be one of their own family that could get infected and die.

Sadly gone of the days of the ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘fight them on the beaches’ generation. Meet the namby pamby, flapping generation who are scared to say booh just incase they upset someone. If they were not so ‘weak’, or self righteous like Trump, and implemented the correct ‘strong’ measures 4 or 5 + months ago, as the Governments of Asia did, and our leaders of old would have, without fear of the namby pamby ‘look @ me’ generation throwing their dummies out, then would there be over 41,434 deaths in the UK and a massive 177.500 in North America? Food for thought!

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