malaysian book retailer loses up to 3 million books due to flooding at warehouse - Malaysian book retailer loses up to 3 million books due to flooding at warehouse

SHAH ALAM – The recent heavy floods in Malaysia have destroyed between two and three millions books stored in a warehouse in the Selangor capital of Shah Alam.

Co-founder Andrew Yap of Malaysian book retailer BookXcess and Big Bad Wolf Books said in a statement that the total loss was still being evaluated and would take some time.

“However, from the initial assessment, millions of books have definitely been… destroyed and could not be salvaged, along with some equipment in the warehouse,” he said in the statement, as reported by Bernama.

“While we (have lost) two to three million books, we aim to donate books to the surrounding communities that have been heavily impacted by flooding and look forward to working with those within the vicinity of our warehouse,” he said.

Videos and photographs shown by BookXcess and Big Bad Wolf Books showed its warehouse deep in floodwaters, with many books consigned to “death by drowning” as one video put it.

The book retailer is known for its range of affordably priced books. Its Big Bad Wolf Book Sale series, which started in Malaysia, has now been launched in 10 countries, The Star daily reported.

Heavy rains from Friday to Sunday, Dec 17 to 19, was followed by widespread flooding in seven Malaysian states and the Kuala Lumpur federal territory, with some 66,000 people forced to abandon their homes.

Mr Yap was quoted by The Star daily as saying on Tuesday: “It was heart-breaking to see countless books damaged and scattered everywhere.

“Books just floated out onto the road and even into our neighbour’s compound, and they returned them to us in garbage bags but none could be salvaged.”

Mr Yap said clean-up of the warehouse and removal of the damaged books due to mold was ongoing, and added that physical and online operations in the rest of the country were not affected.