look for authentic thai cuisine in thailand or overseas look for thai select - Look for authentic Thai cuisine in Thailand or overseas, look for Thai SELECT

Thailand’s Department of Business Development under the Ministry of Commerce has launched a ‘Thai SELECT’ video commercial to promote quality Thai restaurants and ready-to-eat/ready-to-cook processed Thai food products. The certification is also to encourage Thai restauranteurs and food producers to raise their quality while maintaining authenticity.

According to campaign’s official website, www.thaiselect.com, the certification of Thai SELECT restaurant is divided into two categories based on decoration and service excellence:

Thai SELECT PREMIUM indicates a degree of excellence of five stars or higher. The label is granted to restaurants that offer authentic Thai food of premium quality with luxury decorations and outstanding services.

Thai SELECT indicates a degree of excellence of three to four stars, awarded to restaurants serving fine authentic Thai foods.

For more information on Thai SELECT, visit: www.thaiselect.com

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