lack of winter sea ice disrupts life in the arctic - Lack of winter sea ice disrupts life in the Arctic

Global implications

Low levels of sea ice are a problem for the entire world. Millions of people will feel the effects.

Sea levels rise faster because of Arctic warming, and scientists warn that the regularity of extreme winter weather, as well as droughts, flooding and damaging wind events, will continue to increase in part due to Arctic warming.

While the Arctic has undoubtedly changed, and will continue to, it’s not too late to take action. The science behind the Arctic’s new environmental reality can help to guide that work. WWF continues to support communities throughout Alaska on climate smart, sustainable development, protect ecologically critical areas, and improve governance in the region. And efforts to reduce carbon emissions globally will make the difference between a new Arctic and one that collapses under the weight of devastating warmth.

“It is essential that we take action now to reduce emissions and move toward a low-carbon economy and climate-resilient world,” said David Aplin, interim managing director of WWF’s US Arctic program. “It is our shared responsibility to safeguard the Arctic and our planet from the ill effects of climate change, and we have no time to spare in doing so.”

Originally posted 2018-03-23 12:00:00.

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