deepest shipwreck us destroyer sunk in massive wwii sea battle found off the philippines - 'Deepest shipwreck': US destroyer sunk in massive WWII sea battle found off the Philippines

MANILA (AFP) – A US navy destroyer sunk during World War II has been found nearly 7,000m below sea level off the Philippines, making it the world’s deepest shipwreck ever located, an American exploration team has said.

The USS Samuel B. Roberts went down during a battle off the central island of Samar on Oct 25, 1944, as US forces fought to liberate the Philippines – then a US colony – from Japanese occupation.

A crewed submersible filmed, photographed and surveyed the battered hull of the “Sammy B” during a series of dives over eight days this month, Texas-based undersea technology company Caladan Oceanic said.

Images showed the ship’s three-tube torpedo launcher and gun mount.

“Resting at 6,895m, it is now the deepest shipwreck ever located and surveyed,” tweeted Caladan Oceanic founder Victor Vescovo, who piloted the submersible.

“This small ship took on the finest of the Japanese Navy, fighting them to the end,” he said.