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Monday 29th June, 2020 (Covid-19 Update): On June 25, 2020 the Government of Thailand approved a ‘draft Plan‘ for relaxed measures for foreigners entering Phuket and Thailand, which could see the reopening of international tourism as of August 1, 2020, and not July as many papers are reporting. To add to this All businesses and activities, which were suspended to control the spread of corona virus disease, will be allowed to resume on July 1st – including entertainment venues and “soapy massage” parlours, but rules will apply. This draft plan is supposed to be agreed, and probably altered, today, the 29th. Time will tell.

Unfortunately without the tourist invasion, that most locals are hoping for, and expecting, the above mentioned draft plan will not really effect, or help the hospitality sector on Phuket, and all Thailand, until after the 1st of August, which is when the borders will be ‘hopefully’ open to all tourists coming in by air or over the land borders such as Cambodia, Burma and Malaysia.

We are waiting now to hear, and not to speculate, of the concrete draft, so hold on to your whatever. The madness, not meaning the virus, is coming soon 🙂

Sunday 14th June, 2020: A Chinese wife of the Italian engineer in Cherng Talay, who was reported coronavirus news live uk to lift foreign travel ban as merkel warns world not to be complacent and global cases head toward 10m 1 150x150 - Corona Virus Update for Phuket & Thailandon Saturday, confirmed as infected with COVID-19, and has become Phuket’s latest case reported as confirmed infected with the virus. The woman travelled back from Shanghai, China, in the middle of March. She lived in Cherng Talay with her three children, ages 7, 10 and 15, who have all tested negative for the virus at a private hospital was all Phuket officials would report.

The total number of people in Phuket recognised by officials as infected with COVID-19 since the outbreak began today (May 25) climbed to 227.

The report today notes as follows:

New cases: 1
Total infected: 227
Recovered: 224
Dead: 3
People deemed ‘at risk’ checked: 13,286 (+18 on the 13th of June, 2020) Persons Under Investigation: 12,416 (+37)
Waiting for test results: 9 (-19)
Receiving hospital treatment: 0 (no change)

This report is marked as accurate as of 24:00hrs June 13th. It has now been 20 days since the last case was confirmed in Phuket, except for yesterday.

Thailand travel restrictions: An emergency decree is in place in Thailand until 30 June. Unless you meet certain requirements, all foreign nationals will now be denied entry to Thailand. All inbound international flights are suspended until 30 June. All land and sea borders are closed until 30 June.

Monday 13th April 2020:To contain the rising number of coronavirus cases, the land and sea borders on the island of  Phuket have shut, and a nationwide curfew is in place at night. Usually packed tourist streets are deserted and closed off. Shops and restaurants are shuttered, aside from a few offering limited takeaway services. “It’s a very big impact here now, the biggest ever to happen in Phuket. Much worse than the tsunami, because you know the end of the tsunami but we don’t know the end of the COVID-19,” says Sarayuth Mallam, president of the Tourism Council of Phuket.

Wednesday 25 March 2020: Thailand have blocked almost 100 travellers from entering Thailand, with 73 of them being deported for not having enough special documents to meet special immigration measures to combat the COVID-19 disease.

If you are thinking of going to Thailand read on: To enter Thailand, both Thai and foreigner travellers need to show, or it’s better to have as many of the below documents as you can:

1. Health certificates and related health insurance coverage.
2. Documents to guarantee their whereabouts within Thailand to ensure they are “fit-to-fly”.
3. Foreigners must show medical certificates with lab results stating they have tested negative for COVID-19 while Thais must have received approval from doctors to be healthy to travel. If you have NOT had the test we suggest you do NOT fly to Thailand!
4. The documents MUST be issued within 72 hours before flights depart, either to or from Thailand.
5. Other documents include certification from Thai embassies (for Thai nationals) and details of where they will stay under the 14-day self-isolation requirement upon their return to Thailand.

The above are suggestions according to Dr Kajornsak Kaewcharat, deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control within Thailand..

UPDATE (24/03/202): Thailand confirms 122 new coronavirus cases (Total at 721) and 3 more deaths. Phuket today reported 9 new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the southern resort island of Phuket, bringing the total to 26, up from 17 yesterday.

Thialand has now enforce shop closures, but supermarkets will stay open. Five provinces neighbouring the Thai capital are now following suit and ordering the temporary closure of some shops and stores from today up to April 12. The five provinces are Samut Prakarn, Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi and Pathumthani. The efforts are designed to slow the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in and around Greater Bangkok.

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