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‘Welcome to the 21st Century’

chris harper mercer shooter

PHD News: ‘Chris Harper Mercer’ has been identified as the gunman in the Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. He wrote in the caption, “”Me, holding a rifle. It was supposed to be all the way in the picture, but it didn’t work out. Only the barrel shows.” (Chris Harper Mercer on MySpace)

Chris Harper Mercer on Facebook

Nothing more to say on this. Just another mislead and brainwashed American with a gun, pumped up by intense the lack of gun laws and the wave of home grown extreme ideologies and violence filling the Media, the NET, Movies and Games. Maybe if a little more Goverment money was spent educating him/his parents and all children in the right way then this shooting could have been prevented a long time ago. “You become what you see, hear and experiance”

The sad thing is that there’s more to come, and it will not stop unless the U.S shorts out their in-fighting blame game mentality, sort out their gun laws and all media and ‘so say’ politicians stop preaching nonsense just to scrap for more ‘Votes’.

Shooting Stats: In the U.S firearms are the cause of death for more than 33,000 people in America every year, according to the CDC; a number that includes both accidental discharge, murder and suicides, which are on the increase, especially in states with lax gun-control laws, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

That means guns kill more people in America every six hours than terrorist attacks did in the entire year of 2014.

So far in 2015, now October, there have been 39,449 total firearm incidents, according to the Gun Violence Archive, and 9,940 people killed. Of those, 550 were children, and 1,962 were teenagers, just in the U.S.

So why can’t Obama change the laws? Obama says the power to change US gun laws lies with Congress. Yet, Congress has in recent years voted down most proposed gun control legislation, including a bill that would have ensured tougher background checks on those who buy guns. Why. Because they can. As long as the stalemate continues, it seems inevitable that firearms, and worse, will be responsible for even further casualties.

Forget about this idiot mentioned above. Learn about how we got to this point in time in the first place.

Re-cap: The bottom line is that all these middle eastern Countries were fighting between themselves for over 65 years, that’s after the west (Namely: The UK, France and Russia) partitioned and made these Counties and dictators in the first place. The Iranians vs the Iraqis and the Israelis vs them all and then the U.S, and partners, went and stuck there noses in again in 91. For what? I think we all know the answer to that. They might say they were protecting their allies or ramblings of ‘Wepons of mass destuction’ etc but we all now know that it’s was the Oil and protecting their ‘so say’ own assets.

The ‘Spring up-rising’. Led, or instigated, by the U.S and the west and now look at all of these Counties. Another interfering ongoing mess, which has also fueled thousands extremists, and even home grown brainwashed youth.

Now out of the urges to be seen as powerful, the greed, all the lies and mistrust from both the above, and all fueled by the media, war mongering lobbyi$ts / politicians and even shooter games, YouTube and the movies, appear the even more violent extremists such as ‘Al qaeda’ and now ISIS, which in-directly and once again fueled by the modern day media and Nations wanting to be seen as the ‘most powerful nation in the world’ is where this person, and his ideologies, in the headline came from.

So now tell me, who’s to blame really for a messed up Middle East and home grown shooters like this poor excuse for a human….?

This has all been slowing simmering for 25 years now. It all started before and after the invasion of Iraq in 91 and then Afghanistan and now Syria (Because of war mongers, lobbyi$ts and Spin doctors) and mixed with the intensive American ‘We are great’ media coverage (FOX BOO’s), the politicians and congress, who are simply swayed by lobyi$ts for the rich and so say powerful when it comes to gun laws and war, you have now created a realm of extreme ideologies throughout the world which is starting to show up even in your back yard.

The sad thing is that right now on ‘Fox Boo’s’ there’s a man who is blaming the mass shootings, and all shootings, on ‘mental health issues’! He even went as far as saying that Sweden has more shootings than in the U.S, but not one word about bringing in new gun laws!. Who is this guy? I wish I caught his name. I would have named and shamed him. He’s probably apart of some Lobbyi$ts group or even in Congress……..Say no more.

The true cause and cure of the extreme ideologies and violent behavior we are seeing all over the world is as follows.

  1. What the family / schools teach to the children and what the Children see and take in while they are growing up. “You are / or you become what you preach or what is preached you become”. This goes for all families and schools all over the world no matter if it’s a family in the U.S or one in Iran etc. Education, education, education! In a lot of situations the Government or leaders of Nations do not want it’s citizens to be educated or to see what is going on in the world outside there bubble so they can control and brainwash them to think ONLY their way.
  2. The media and TV/Movies in the past 30 years with pumped up extreme news reports which plant seeds into their audiences minds and dwell on brainwashing viewers to sway it’s audience to make money or swing the votes. Extreme Movies are the same. They all profit from Hyped up ‘Kill the enemy” “We are great” shooter movies which brainwash the young and easily lead.
  3. Extreme shooter games and online video channels such as YouTube etc are another source of embedding extreme views and violet behavior into the young and easily swayed. You can even find out how to build a bomb on some of these online Video channels.
  4. Finally your “Where looking out for you” politicians and Government. As we mentioned most, not all, politicians are out to boost their own votes to get elected or re-elected. The reason none of them want to dwell on, or even try, to change the gun laws, stop the wars or fix the environmental MAJOR issues facing all of us, is the fact that the lobbyi$ts and the politicians themselves spin false truths, and the people actually believe what they say. That comes down and goes back to education again. Because they dwell and convince the masses that economic growth is the only way to go, knowing in their minds that any environmental concerns go out o the window. Why? Because economic growth will only increase the coming environmental disaster just around the corner. Thinking $, personal profit and material things before life. It’s also true that without economic growth Nations will run into hardships so it’s a fine line. Saying this; The people should be aware of the pros and cons and not turn a blind eye and let the lobbyi$ts and the politicians brainwash them into thinking there is only one way. Saying this. Many, many people see the problems ahead but choose do look away so they protect their selfish little life’s. The second option will be hard but without it your children and grandchildren may not have the future they were assured to have by you (Mum/Dad) and the Government, and what you/we failed to do now WILL be the Governments legacy – And what do they care. Their long gone anyway.
  5. The lobbyi$ts are there for one reason and one reason only and that is to pitch and spin for large cooperation’s who want to make more $, or keep things as they are, be it the economy, war or gun laws etc.  They don’t care about the environment, economic grow, gun laws, you or anything else. They care about $. The politicians who get swayed by these individuals in-turn are basically the same. “We’re looking out for you” or “We’re looking out for me”? I wonder even if these people have children. If they do then “thanks Mum/Dad. Look what we inherited”

Conclusion: Educate the children in the correct way and keep extreme politics and religion out of education – Stop the lobbyists – Think REALLY hard about IF you want to fix the environmental problems now, for your children’s sake, or to wait until there’s no way back. – Change your gun laws by stopping to use worn out arguments and dwelling on 200 year old laws. Be brave and do what’s right. – Fix your own back-yard 1st

In-directly, and apart from climate change points,   and violent behavior stem from all the above and it all basically comes down to education. What you teach the children and what the children experience while they grow up is what they become.

If we all sit in our own little bubble and carry on the way we are then those dark clouds will just get darker and the extreme ideologies, violent behavior and shootings will just increase, and this is not all. The U.S and interfering allies better start being more aware of is the fact that ‘Al qaeda’ have been relatively quiet for many, many years now. The Embassy bombings, the Twin towers, the London bombing and random acts of lone wolf attacks will have nothing on just one, or even 2/3+, dirty bombs placed in numerous Cities around the world. No warning. Millions dead. Now that’s the harsh reality.

Closing Points: The U.S, and other Countries, have to realize the true cause of the shootings and why nothing is ever done to ease global warming, and the peole have to stop being blind-side and brainwashed by the Lobbyi$ts and the Congress who only slither their forked tongues hiding their true ambitions, and that is to fill their own pockets when they can and while they can.  It all goes hand in hand.

The UK, France and Russia created this monster long before most of us were born and then the U.S simply fuiled the fire in 91 for absolutly reason, which in-turn gave birth to International extreme ideologies as we know it today. Thanks!?

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