bangkok eases some covid 19 restrictions from monday - Bangkok eases some COVID-19 restrictions from Monday

Yaowarat, Bangkok (Photo by Jack TAYLOR / AFP)

Effective tomorrow (Monday), several public venues, businesses and activities in Bangkok can either resume normal operation or resume with fewer restrictions, according to the communicable disease committee of Bangkok.

The committee, which met today, decided to ease restrictions on the following:

  • Public swimming pools and other activities of a similar nature.
  • Water sports facilities and other water activities in public ponds, with limitations on the number of participants. The venues must close at 9pm.
  • Learning and science centres for education, science parks and galleries.
  • Public, private and community libraries.
  • Eateries can stay open up to 11pm, but cannot serve alcohol on the premises. Eateries with air conditioning may only occupy up to 50% of the seating capacity.
  • Sports stadia, outdoor or indoor exercise grounds with good air circulation may stay open to 9pm. Competitive events are allowed, but without spectators.
  • Convenience stores and supermarkets may resume normal operations.

Group activities, which may risk the spread of the virus, such as conferences, seminars, social gatherings, camping, film production and religious activities are allowed, but the number of participants must not exceed 50 at a particular event. If the number of participants exceeds 50, but does not exceed 500, prior permission must be sought from the health office of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, unless the event is being held by a state agency or is held in a quarantined area.

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