For two years now the Bang Tao beach area of Phuket has been under-construction with road-works all over the place ‘so say’ fixing the drainage pipes.

Even right now there’s diggers, earth-movers and trucks rolling up and down the roads with holes and construction noise everywhere. The road surface now looks like dirt tracks and it’s really good timing since the monsoon rains have just started. Imagine….

For what is my question? There’s was no problem with flooding. Actually the problems with flooding started since they starting digging up Bang Tao. So why all this work. If you know Thailand then you can probably work that answer out.

It’s hard enough in low season for the local Bang Tao Restaurants, Bars, shops and businesses to make a living due to the local Hotels and Resorts never seem to think out-side the box and put their room prices down just to attract more visitors in low season to Bang Tao. Right now most accommodation are around 30% occupancy and the management and staff always complain that they have no guests. Then when you ask why there’s no guests all they can say is ‘It’s low Season’. This in turn effects the local businesses out-side the Resorts and Hotel. No guests equals no business and it all goes hand in hand. Will the mentality change. I think not.

If it’s not hard enough with all the above, you now have had two years of construction.

Bottom line is that Bang Tao has lost 5 years of business due to the tourists who have been staying in the Bang Tao area since this has been going on will NOT return. Would you come back if your holiday stay was a construction site. I think not.

It’s very simply to solve. Get rid and stop the construction and then clean up the roads. Then for all the local ‘so say’ / wonna B Hotel / Resort managers, just put your room prices way down for low season ONLY and contact all local travel agents, International travel wholesalers and all online booking companies with your promotion. Then simply make up your money by working on your F&B and activity sales.  This is what sales, marketing and and F&B are for.

In return you will get your occupancy up to 50/80%,  your Hotel/Resort staff will B happy due to they will get more service change and tips and all the local restaurants, bars, cafes, massage centers etc etc etc will also be happy due to in-turn they will reap the benefits of the Resorts / Hotels etc having a high occupancy. Simple!

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