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The Sri Lankan government is in disarray after dozens of lawmakers walked out of the ruling coalition this week, leaving the Rajapaksa government in a minority in parliament as it struggles to quell protests against a worsening economic crisis.

The country’s healthcare system is on the verge of collapse as hospitals run out of essential supplies, India correspondent Rohini Mohan reports.

In Singapore, the Sri Lankan community worries for their friends and families back home as the people struggle to secure essentials such as food and fuel amid rolling blackouts.

The roots of the country’s troubles are deep and getting rid of the Rajapaksa clan won’t be enough to get it out of its predicament, writes Associate Editor Ravi Velloor.

Just who are the Rajapaksa brothers who have dominated Sri Lankan politics for decades? Global affairs correspondent Ashwini Devare finds out. 

Debrief: How did Sri Lanka end up in an economic crisis?