Asia Job And Employment Ads

We now offer all companies to be able to post Phuket, Thailand and Asia job / employment ads on the Phuket Hotel Deals website.

The best thing about this is that once you have posted your job ad it will go directly into our Asia jobs and employment ads category section showing your full ad, image and web link and from there, within a few hours, it will be automatically posted on our Asia jobs board which is picked up up by all the search engines, Twitter and Google+ within 3/4 hours of posting offering your company excellent exposure.

How To Post Your Ad: It’s VERY simple to add your companies job and employment ad. Just fill in the form below and submit. You will then be re-directed to our PayPal payment page then once you have paid your add will automatically be posted. Simple! 🙂

Example Ad: If you search on Google for ‘Phuket vocal lessons’ then this add below is in the top 10 results and on the 1st google of Google search. Phuket Vocal Lessons.

You can also see how it looks on our Asia job board

Posting Notes: Due to we also want good SEO value here’s some posting ticks

  • Title: Please add a short title with your keywords in and location. Around 55/60 Character is best
  • Description: Please include the job title, town, state and Country in the description so the add will be added to the correct locations. Also add your keywords in the 1st paragraph so add your job and location details 1st. Search engines pick up around 150 Character so please keep this is mind.
  • Website: Please add your full url including: ‘http://’. If you don’t have a website then use Facebook etc.
  • Featured Image: Good idea to add for SEO value and to make our ads listing look nice. Any image will do but keep it small please. It will only be thumbnail size
  • Adding an email is optional.
  • Payment: The cost for a unlimited ad is 250 Thai ฿.

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