2018 was the fourth hottest year on record - 2018 was the fourth-hottest year on record

You can also play a big part in reducing emissions that cause climate change with a few simple changes to your daily routine to lower your carbon footprint:

Electricity – Ask your utility company to switch you to renewable energy, many utilities can make the change with little to no effect on your bills. If you own your house, check out solar panels or explore community solar projects in your area.

Transportation – Transportation is the largest source of emissions in the United States. Think about walking or riding a bike when you can, using hybrid or electric vehicles, carpooling, or taking public transit. Just taking these actions one or more times per week helps.

Food – Agriculture causes about a quarter of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions. While we still need food to eat, we can prevent food waste by producing buying, or taking only what we need. By eating healthily and responsibly, we can lighten the burden that our appetites put on wildlife, wild places, and the climate.

Remember: Don’t Give Up – Talk about climate change with your friends and family, your city council, or school. Start holding your leaders accountable. Find out if your stores, your restaurants, and your city are committed to climate action by visiting wearestillin.com. And if they are not on the list, ask them to join.

Pledge to cut your carbon footprint.

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