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Former Nazi Guard, 93, Goes on Trial in Germany

A 93-year-old former concentration camp guard went on trial in Germany Thursday for abetting in the murder of more than 5,000 people. Bruno Dey was 17 when he began working as a guard at the Stutthof camp near what was then Danzig, and is now Gdansk in Poland. Dey...

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British, EU Negotiators Strike Brexit Deal

BRUSSELS - European Union and British negotiators have agreed on an outline Brexit deal that still needs to be backed by EU member states and by the respective parliaments.  European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted “We have one! It’s a fair and...

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The food-climate connection

It seems obvious, but sometimes we need a reminder. Food comes from nature. So everything we eat has an impact on the planet – from how its grown, to how it's packaged, to how it gets where it’s going, how it's cooked, and at the end of the meal, where it winds up...

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