Trump: 'Possible Progress' on North Korea May Also Be 'False Hope'

U.S. President Donald Trump says "possible progress" is being made with North Korea but also cautions that positive signs from Pyongyang may be leading to "false hope." Trump's statement comes after South Korea said Tuesday the North is willing to start talks with the United States about giving up its nuclear weapons. In a tweet Tuesday morning, Trump said, “For the first time in many years, a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned.” But he also expressed suspicion of North Korea’s intentions and added, “The World is watching and waiting! May be false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction!” South Korea's top security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, told reporters on Tuesday that Pyongyang signaled there was no need to keep its nuclear program if military threats against the country are eliminated. Chung added North Korea was receptive to discussing denuclearization and normalizing relations with the U.S.   Chung was part of a South Korean delegation that just returned from a two-day visit to North Korea, where the group held an unprecedented meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Seoul’s statement has not been confirmed by North Korea.  If true, the new stance would mark a significant shift for Kim Jong Un. Just last week, North Korea said it is willing to begin dialogue with the U.S. but rejected any preconditions for such talks. The U.S. has insisted North Korea must first commit to ending its nuclear programs before entering into talks with Pyongyang.   In the last two years, North Korea has launched numerous medium and long-range ballistic missiles and conducted two nuclear tests, in large part to develop an operational capability to target U.S. mainland cities with a nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile. The Trump administration has led international efforts to... If you wish to read this full breaking news headline, plus more articles from around Thailand and Asia like, Trump: 'Possible Progress' on North Korea May Also Be 'False Hope', simply click on 'Read full story' below, but 1st please give us a 'LIKE' or 'SHARE' before you leave. Thank you Trump: 'Possible Progress' on North Korea May Also Be 'False Hope'





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Published By: VOA NEWS - Tuesday, 6 March, 2018



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