Thailand's Opposition Parties Aim to Amend Pro-Military Constitution

Having trounced the military's proxy at the polls in March, Thailand's pro-democracy parties may very well have formed the country's next government by now were it not for the new Constitution the military drafted after seizing power in 2014.Instead, coup-leader Prayuth Chan-ocha secured a second term as prime minister thanks to a Senate wholly appointed by the junta and empowered for the first time by the new charter to join the popularly elected lower house in voting for the premier.Now relegated to the opposition, those anti-junta parties have made amending the Constitution their top priority."We are talking about restoration of democracy here. Without amending the Constitution, there will be no full restoration to democracy in this country," said Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, leader of the Future Forward party.FILE - Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit speaks to the media before the parliamentary vote for Thailand’s new prime minister in Bangkok, June 5, 2019.Future Forward finished a strong third in the March 24 poll running on a platform to unseat Prayuth, and afterward it joined forces with six other like-minded parties hoping to pull together enough lower house seats for a majority. But some post-election tweaking of the formula for allotting seats by the junta-appointed Election Commission made sure they fell short. Thanks to the new Constitution, the Senate also ensured that the "Democracy Front" parties lacked the combined majority of votes in both houses to replace Prayuth.In an interview at his party's headquarters in Bangkok, Thanathorn said the junta's charter was riddled with lines that rig the Senate, Election Commission and other state bodies in favor of the country's urban, monarchist, pro-military elite.Two articles targetedThe opposition longs to see it replaced wholesale. But knowing their limits, Thanathorn said, the parties are focusing on amending just two articles for now — 272 and... If you wish to read this full breaking news headline, plus more articles from around Thailand and Asia like, Thailand's Opposition Parties Aim to Amend Pro-Military Constitution, simply click on 'Read full story' below, but 1st please give us a 'LIKE' or 'SHARE' before you leave. Thank you Thailand's Opposition Parties Aim to Amend Pro-Military Constitution





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Published By: VOA NEWS - Tuesday, 16 July



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