DSI orders occupants on two beaches in Phuket to vacate in 30 days

Officials from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and 10 other relevant central and local government agencies yesterday (Thursday ) started to erect signs on Layan and Lepang beaches in Thalarng district of Phuket ordering six operators of businesses to leave the beaches in 30 days. The sign says defiant operators will face arrest. Action by the state authorities to claim back encroached public land by business operators and influential people on the beaches of Phuket came after the Supreme Court ruled early this month that the land these operators occupied, about 178 rai on the two beaches, are public land or state property. The ruling by the court ended a land dispute which dragged on over a decade when six people sued the Phuket Provincial Land Office and other state officials in 2006 over a dispute on the legal status of the land plots. The price of land now is sold at 70 million baht per rai or amounted to 14 billion baht in total. DSI speared heading the operation after a meeting with officials of all relevant state agencies and local administration offices to discuss enforcement of the court’s order. DSI director general Pol Col Phaisit Wongmuang said all encroachers would be given until December 15 to vacate their places. He said violators will face intrusion charge and will face arrest. He said some occupants live in the places for over a decade and they will be given warning first to leave. But for those intend to stay on and defy the order, they could face additional charge of money laundering. The post DSI orders occupants on two beaches in Phuket to vacate in 30 days appeared first on Thai PBS English News.... If you wish to read this full breaking news headline, plus more articles from around Thailand and Asia like, DSI orders occupants on two beaches in Phuket to vacate in 30 days, simply click on 'Read full story' below, but 1st please give us a 'LIKE' or 'SHARE' before you leave. Thank you DSI orders occupants on two beaches in Phuket to vacate in 30 days





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Published By: Thai PBS NETWORK - Thursday, 16 November, 2017



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