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Laguna beach, Phuket is a large open bay with one of Phuket's longest beaches. It was once used for tin mining, but has since been developed into a luxury resort. Most of the north side is occupied by the Laguna complex, which is a massive five-hotel development with golf course. There are, however, accommodations available outside Laguna at the bay's south end.

Laguna beach is about relaxation. There are a variety of day spa facilities at the hotels. All the hotels have private areas of the beach with lounges and towel service. Food and bar service is available on the beach but cannot be charged to your room.

Some of the resorts have sailing and rowing boats for use on the lagoon. There is also a championship golf course which can be used by residents at all of the hotels in the complex - green fees can be charged to your room.

Below you will find the best selection of Accommodations and Hotel deals around the Luguna beach area of Phuket.

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