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Kamala,pronounced “Ga Ma Lar” provides a haven for those who prefer the quieter life. Although the southern end of the beach can get busy in the high season, the northern end is peaceful all year round. “Rim Haad” (Beach Road), at the southern end, has a number of small 20-30 room hotels for the low/medium budget traveller.

There are two weekend markets in Kamala. One is located across the street from the Fantasea show, and begins at around 3:00 PM every Friday. While local food is available and prices are relatively low, there is still a very “touristy” feel to this. The other market is across from the Big C supermarket on the main road, occurring every Wednesday and Saturday from early morning until 7:30 PM. More local people tend to flock to this market. Prices tend to already be marked. Both offer clothes (new and used), food, fruit, shakes, electronics, tourist trinkets, and general household goods for sale.

There is a Buddhist temple at the south end of the beach, while several locally-frequented mosques are located in the residential areas along the eastern side of town.

Friendly service and village feel and a diversity of restaurants and small bars can be found on this small road. Cheaper food options/market stalls can be found on the main Kamala Road.

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