Phuket, Thailand & Asia Visa Trip Flights

Find the best Phuket, Thailand & Asia visa trip flights & deals.

Local Asia and Thailand domestic flight destinations for Visa trip flights.. Destinations include: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, HK (China), Burma, Malaysia, Laos and Singapore.

Visa trip Flights In Asia: If you are already living, working or traveling in Asia then you will be aware that all Countries, such as: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, HK (China), Burma, Malaysia, Laos and Singapore, have different visa requirements, but they all have one thing in common, and that is that if you stay long term, be it working, traveling or living, you must at some stage do a visa trip to a neighboring Country/City which has an Embassy of the Country where you are residing.

For this reason, below we offer you the best selection of Visa trip flights and City destinations in Asia which have Embassies, and which we feel all offer a mix of landmarks, coffee shops, nightlife and basic things to do while waiting 2/3 days for your visa to be ready for pick-up at the Embassy.