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Chalong bay, Phuket is a rather quiet urban area primarily known for being the island’s main port and for its magnificent Wat Chalong temple. Its the departure point for many dive and launch trips so may appeal as a place to stay for those who plan on venturing seawards on a daily basis or who simply wish to enjoy staying in one of the quieter parts of the Island

Chalong has a shooting range, atv, elephant rides, go kart track, paint ball and horse riding. There are many Thai boxing or Mauy Thai training camps at Chalong, especcially on Soi Ta Eard (Boxing Street). The biggest and most famous is Tiger Mauy Thai. There is a Thai boxing ring near Chalong 5 ways junction. One “Must Do” is to drive up to the famous Big Buddha which over looks Phuket Town, Chalong Bay, numerous islands and on a clear day even Phi Phi Island, 38 miles away can be seen.

Phuket Airport is 38 km, Phuket Town Centre is 10 km and Patong Nightlife & Shopping is around 17 km.

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    Local Info

    Country: Thailand
    Province/State: Phuket

    Chalong Bay, Phuket, Thailand is located at 8.0062100 (latitude in decimal degrees), 98.2990200 (longitude in decimal degrees).

    Alternate Names: Chalong, Chalong Bay
    Timezone: The time zone id for Bang Tao Beach, Thailand is Asia/Bangkok.
    Currency: Currency in Bang Tao Beach, Thailand is THB (Baht)


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