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Bangtao beach, Phuket (or Bang Tao) is a large open bay with one of Phuket’s longest beaches, which offers guests a six km (four mile) stretch of beach. Bangtao It was once used for tin mining, but has since been developed into a luxury resort to the northern end of Bangtao beach (Now named: Laguna). Where the North end of Bangtao is occupied by Laguna beach, and it’s 4/5 star Resorts and Villa’s, the Southern side of Bangtao beach is where you will find the normal everyday Hotels, Restaurants, shops, bars and a small Village.

There are also many sports and health facilities in this area including a riding club, a golf course, herbal spas and a skills challenge course (Quest Laguna Phuket). Bangtao is also only a 20 minute drive to or from the airport making the location a prime area for both Tourist and expats to live.

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We only offer a small elite selection of Phuket rentals for long term monthly rent in the Bangtao beach area of Phuket. This is just our ‘Top Pick’ suggestions, but if there are no Bangtao properties showing below, or you are searching for a certain Bangtao Hotel / Resort or Bangtao rental property please feel free to send us a email using the “Ask Us To Find” tab and we will find you the best long term monthly Villa, Apartments or Resort rental deal. Best price Guarantee! 🙂


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Local Info

Bangtao, Phuket, Thailand is located at 8.0062100 (latitude in decimal degrees), 98.2990200 (longitude in decimal degrees).

Alternate Names: Bangtao, Bang Tao, Bang Thao,
Timezone: The time zone id for Bang Tao Beach, Thailand is Asia/Bangkok.
Currency: Currency in Bang Tao Beach, Thailand is THB (Baht)


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